NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Cops Gone Wild: Detroit Police A Beat Black Man After Running Stop Sign


Cops Gone Wild: Detroit Police Officers Beat Black Man After He Ran A Traffic Sign

Another disturbing video of police violence shows Detroit officers beating an African-American man during a traffic stop after he ran a red light on January 28.

When 57-year-old Floyd Dent was pulled over, officers yanked him out of the car with guns drawn and started to beat him. One officer even placed Dent in a chokehold. Dent was hit in the head at least 16 times while another officer tried to handcuff him. Another officer hit Dent with a Taser three times. By the end of this horrific ordeal, a total of five police officers were on the scene.

On Thursday, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now Straight Talk panel reviewed the shocking video footage during the show’s live broadcast on TV One.

Martin tells the panel, “For all the people out there that continue to insist, ‘Look, it’s just a few bad apples’ — This is a perfect example again, where cops having total control losing their minds, beating the hell out of this guy.”

NewsOne Now panelist Gilda Daniels, Associate Professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, responded to Martin, saying, “Running through a red light is not an offense that you should be taken out of your car or pulled out of your car and beaten and Tased.”

She added, “They [police officers] have this mentality of excessive force, that force is always the answer. So we certainly need to look at how we are training our cops.”

Dr. Jason Johnson, a professor at Hiram College, told Martin, “It’s about time that we start being honest about accountability of these police officers, they’re costing people money.”

“These are millions of dollars in suits and settlements that are going to be handed out to all of these people who have suffered and it’s about time that people understand it’s about the government failing to protect citizens and stop coming up with excuses for idiot cops.”

Martin agreed with Dr. Johnson’s assessment of the financial toll that police brutality cases are having on local municipalities.

“I would think that fiscal conservatives would be mad as h*ll with the amount of money cities are having to spend settling lawsuits and say, ‘Wait a minute, let’s get these cops under control because it’s running into the millions and millions of dollars in Detroit, in Chicago, in New York, in Philadelphia, small towns, big cities where tax payers are funding these police abuse settlements.’”

Leadership Strategist Avis Jones-DeWeever told Martin that fiscal conservatives are “not really saying much about this and they don’t really have a problem with people getting beat down, and abuse is occurring when it’s Black people that are being killed and Black people that are being abused.”

“What makes this case of police brutality even more insane are the reports of the officers on the scene allegedly planting drugs in his car,” DeWeever said. “These are criminal activities … and I’m not satisfied with a few settlements, I won’t be satisfied until these cops are in jail.”

How To Prepare Students To Compete In A Global Economy

There is a lot of concern in educational circles that American students are not ready to compete on a global level. With advancements in technology, the world is becoming smaller and more competitive. What must we do to prepare the next generation so that they are ready to take on the world?

On Thursday, Jackie Jones, Chair of the Department of Multimedia Journalism at Morgan State University and Dennis Bonilla, Executive Dean at the School of Information Systems and Technology at the University of Phoenix joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss what we must be ready to do in order to  compete in the global marketplace.

Jackie Jones told Martin, “Students have to understand that the world is much broader than your backyard. Especially with urban universities—students who are not well traveled, may not have had opportunities to go out of their regions, much less out of the country, it takes a while to warm them up to the task.”

Jones also advises that students obtain a passport and learn a second language. “Often people assume it has to be Spanish, but it doesn’t, it just has to be a second language because it can be useful anywhere.”

“I tell them to read things that they are not comfortable with, put themselves in situations that take them out of their comfort zone so they can learn how to adjust to any situation that crops up.”

Dennis Bonilla, Executive Dean, School of Information Systems and Technology at the University of Phoenix explained, “In order to solve the competitiveness issue for most of the emerging countries and the developed countries there is going to have to be an evolution of talent that really understands global needs.”

Bonilla also touted the ability to work with teams around the world at different hours of the day. Also, he said effective and successful workers will have to know how to collaborate with them, how to communicate with them and how to be sensitive to their cultural needs. “It’s a real evolution of a need that is not going to be able to be just handled by an American centric, it’s got to be a global centric mindset,” says Bonilla.

Bonilla detailed five skills that students must have in order to compete in a global economy:

  1. Understanding cultural diversity
  2. Learning a second language
  3. Understanding how to collaborate
  4. Excellent  communication skills
  5. Time and project management

WTH?! Thursday: Mom Pole Dances With Baby Strapped To Her Back…

It’s WTH?! Thursday and NewsOne Now is taking a look at all the wild and crazy stories trending in the news.

This week’s play-by-play WTH?! commentary comes from radio show host Tony Redz, R&B singer Traci Braxton, and Digital Correspondent for WEtv, Misster RAY.

We kick things off with a mom pole dancing with her baby daughter on her back, and she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

Second? A Florida man was arrested for animal cruelty after he allegedly tried to sell an iguana to cook for dinner. Thirty-five-year-old Jeremy Dugas caught three yellow iguanas, duct taped them to the handlebars of his bike, and rode around town trying to sell them as “fresh meat.”

And a man steals a knife set he bought neighbors for Christmas. Joseph Guercio was charged with felony burglary and could be facing 10 years in prison, as well as $25k in fines.

And then there’s this. How far would you go to drive in an HOV lane? Well, one man used a cardboard cutout of the Dos Equis guy in his passenger seat so that he could travel in the HOV lane. Unfortunately, the “most interesting” cardboard cutout in the world didn’t fool cops and the driver of the vehicle got a $124 ticket.

Yes y’all, it’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now. Check out all of the insanity in the video clip above.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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    The article about Cops gone wild – Detroit Police beating Mr. Dent is inaccurate. The Detroit Police Department was not involved – this incident occurred in Inkster Michigan a surburb of Detroit – please correct and apologize to the Detroit Police Department.
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