NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: TSA To Stop Racially Profiling Black Women’s Hair


TSA Agrees To Stop Racially Profiling Black Women’s Hair 

After official complaints from two black women who said they were racially profiled by their “sisterlocks” hair styles, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) on Thursday agreed to stop singling out women for screening based on the style, and says it will conduct anti-discrimination training sessions for its agents.

Achievement Gap Closing? Graduation Rates Among Blacks & Hispanics On The Rise

According to new data from the Department of Education, graduation rates for Black and Hispanic students increased by nearly four percentage points from 2011 to 2013, outpacing growth for all students in the nation.

Even though the gap between Black and Hispanic students and their White/Asian counterparts is closing and more minorities are receiving high school diplomas, the overall graduation rate is still significantly low.

On Tuesday, Deputy Secretary John King from the Department of Education joined Roland Martin onNewsOne Now to discuss the achievement gap in America and what can be done to eradicate it completely.

16 States Have More People In Prison Than In College Dorms

A new report from MetricMaps details a shocking statistic — in 16 states in the nation, there are more people locked up in correctional facilities than those residing in college dorms.

Most of the states highlighted in the report are in the South and most of the inmates are Black.

Tech Talk: Periscope Vs. Meerkat

Everybody knows that Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, loves tech. If you follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you will find various comments about different gadgets and devices.

Tuesday on NewsOne Now, Martin and Stephanie Humphrey, Tech-Life Expert and tech writer for conducted a live demo of two live video streaming apps that are making tons of noise in the technology industry—Meerkat and Periscope.

Both of the aforementioned apps allow users to stream live video to their followers and are both easy to use. During the live NewsOne Now Tech Talk demo Martin and Humphrey share their likes and dislikes of the respective apps as well as detail ways in which you may be able to use these groundbreaking apps in your life.

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