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Baltimore Uprising: National Guard Summoned, Curfew Instituted, School Canceled After Protest Turn Violent

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan activated the National Guard late Monday in an effort to quell surging violence that erupted earlier in the day and rippled across the city after the funeral of Freddie Gray, the latest national symbol of police violence in Black communities.

Media Bias And The Alleged “Credible Threat” Of Gangs Retaliating Against Police In Baltimore

On Monday, Baltimore police announced a “credible threat” that the Bloods and Crips gangs were targeting police in Baltimore as a result of the Freddie Gray’s death.

According to USA Today:

The police department said the Criminal Intelligence Unit had obtained information indicating “members of various gangs including the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods and Crips have entered into a partnership to ‘take out’ law enforcement officers.”

The Daily Beast reported hours before the police statement about the alleged credible threat that “an unlikely alliance was born in Baltimore on Saturday: Rivals from the Bloods and the Crips agreed to march side by side against police brutality.”

Carlos Muhammad, a minister at Nation of Islam’s Mosque No. 6. told The Daily Beast, that during a rally the two rival gangs decided that “that they must be united.”

“We can unite and stop killing one another and the Bloods and the Crips can help rebuild their community.”

On Tuesday, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now Straight talk panel featuring Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Dru Ealons, Dr. Heber Brown, Maryland State Delegate Jay Walker (26th District) and 92Q radio personality Levardis McLaughlin, discussed the alleged credible threat against Baltimore police and the inherent media bias against African American protesters.

Dr. Herber Brown told Martin, “The minute that the Baltimore City Police put out in the media that there was a credible threat about gangs coming together was the very minute that we started getting calls on my team from leaders of the Bloods and the Crips saying, ‘we did not do anything like that, we don’t know what they’re talking about.’”

Brown also said that he and his team were in Baltimore standing with brothers from the Nation of Islam, Bloods, Crips and Black Gorilla Family “protecting as many businesses” as they could and “trying to keep people safe.”

“We really have to be careful about going along with this dominate narrative about Black youth,” said Brown.

92Q radio personality Levardis McLaughlin explained there are more individuals coming into Baltimore from out of town destroying property than there are from the city itself.

“If you look at the videos of the stuff down in Camden Yards, you hear people from Baltimore telling [inaudible] We don’t want to do that, We’re peaceful.”

McLaughlin went on to comment on the media coverage being conducted on the Baltimore protests saying, “The pictures you guys are getting are not a lot of the pictures that are hear.”

“A lot of agendas are being met with this, they have nothing to do with the city. Again you guys see the violence, we’re here for the justice. That’s what they’re not showing you guys.”

Roland Martin On Baltimore Unrest: We Must Hold Elected Officials And Ourselves Accountable 

Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now shared his perspective of the situation in Baltimore in the wake of Monday night’s unrest and rioting following the funeral of Freddie Gray.

“We should not be in a situation where we’re having to repair our city and clean up our city after we’re had windows busted out, after we’ve had cars set on fire because the reality is some places Baltimore have not been fixed since the initial riots in 1968.”

Martin went on to point out the most important issue that needs to be addressed is “accountability.”

“Not just from the governor or from the mayor or from the police commissioner or from any elected official or from the community officials, but also of ourselves.”

“It is our responsibility to understand that at the end of the day it’s our sons and daughters who are the ones that are coming home in body bags. They’re the ones who are having to endure the kind of abuse from police.”

Martin continued saying there are many individuals may be saying they want to do something but, highlighted that if you are not registered to vote you can’t serve on a jury if an officer is brought to trial.

“You can’t even serve on a grand jury unless you’re registered to vote, but not just that you have to actually vote and once you vote for somebody you have to hold them accountable as well.”

All that and more in this edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast.

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