NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Freddie Gray Died Of Spinal Injury Sustained After Arrest


Freddie Gray Died Of Spinal Injury Sustained After Arrest


Authorities in Baltimore suspended six police officers Monday after an inquiry revealed a 25-year-old man who died in custody sustained a severed spinal cord injury after his arrest.

Freddie Gray died Sunday, a week after he was chased and tackled by police officers. At a news conference to announce the department would change police procedure as they investigate Gray’s death, Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez described the spinal cord injury as “very tragic,” citing preliminary autopsy results that point to the injury as the cause of death.

WealthyU: Financial Fundamentals To Get You Fiscally Fit


April is National Financial Literacy Month and America’s Wealth Coach, Deborah Owens, appeared on NewsOne Now to share a few financial fundamentals to help get you fiscally fit.

According to recent reports, Americans have amassed more than $2 million in consumer debt and 30 percent of consumers report having no cash savings. This startling statistic reveals that many Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and unable to grow wealth.

Birdwatching While Black: New Film Explores Rules For The African-American Birdwatcher


Dr. J. Drew Lanham is Black — and he is a birdwatcher.

Dr. Lanham is also a Professor of Wildlife at Clemson University and recently created a thought-provoking video titled Rules for the Black Birdwatcher.

In his film, Dr. Lanham explains the rules African-American bird lovers should follow to optimize their birdwatching experience.

During the clip shown Tuesday on TV One’s NewsOne Now, Dr. Lanham explains matter-of-factly to “Never wear a hoodie — ever” while birding and to carry two or three forms of I.D.

Lanham dons a camouflage birdwatching outfit, saying, “The word for an African-American in camouflage is incog-negro.” 

Dr. Lanham joined NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory to discuss why he produced his film and if the video is supposed to be funny, educational, or both at the same time.

All that and more in this edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast.

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  • Squeaky Chicago-Drummer

    If you ask Baltimore
    Mayor Rawlins-Clarke how Freddie Gray died in the paddy wagon, two weeks later this
    mayor could still say “We’re waiting for all the facts to come in, and so
    therefore I cannot answer that question at this time.” If you asked the Baltimore police commissioner
    this same question, he could use with confidence the same answer. But if you
    were to ask, “At the time of Freddie Gray’s apprehension by the police, what
    was the arresting charge?” THIS is a question that the Mayor (two weeks later)
    could not answer with “all the facts aren’t in yet.” This is a question that
    the police commissioner as well could not answer with “all the facts aren’t in
    yet.” This is a question that would have to be answered right then and there,
    no dilly-dallying around… or you’d have to say right then and there that you don’t
    know. And if you don’t know (as the Baltimore mayor)
    two weeks later what this man was arrested for, then you’ve REALLY got some
    problems in Baltimore.
    But guess what? No-one in the news media from what I’ve seen is asking this most
    important of questions.