‘I Don’t Expect Ever Again For Us To Be In Court Squabbling With Each Other’ -MLK III On Family’s Legal Issues

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Roland Martin spoke with Martin Luther King III during the Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss the squabbling between him and his siblings and the fight against poverty in America.

From BlackAmericaWeb.com:

Martin Luther King III carries his father’s famous name and his passion for those who are disenfranchised by poverty and racism. He wants President Obama and his eventual successor to appoint a Poverty Czar, a Cabinet-level position, to combat the problems of poverty in the United States among all communities. The President referenced the persistence of poverty at a recent speech at Georgetown.

Bernice KingDexter King and Martin III have been involved in a dispute over portions of their father’s estate, including whether or not his Bible and his Nobel Peace Prize should be sold. But King says that as of now, all legal issues between the siblings have been resolved.

“There are no more legal things other than the court is waiting on a settlement arrangement which is slated to happen this week between all parties,” he says. “All of the legal suits have been dropped.”