Republicans Vote To Slash Amtrak’s Funding By $252 Million Day After Deadly Derailment In Philadelphia

Source: Jennifer Fermino and Dan Friedman / New York Daily News

WASHINGTON — Even a devastating and deadly derailment didn’t soften Republican hearts Wednesday on the issue of Amtrak funding.

As bodies were pulled from the site of the tragedy in Philadelphia, GOP members of the House voted to slash funding for the rail service by $252 million.

The 30-to-21 House Appropriations Committee vote came along party lines over loud objections by Democrats.

“Starving rail of funding will not enable safer train travel,” said Rep. Nita Lowey (D-Westchester County), the top Democrat on committee.

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  • Sue Nia Diyg

    Gotta love those Republicans. Not everyone is able to fly…oh, but it would be SOCIALIST to repair our infrastructure. Must be that they’re going to let our railway system totally disintegrate, then–no wait! Let’s PRIVATIZE it, get gangs of for-profit prison labor to repair the tracks, then jack the fares up to 1st- & business-class airfare levels. Yeah, THAT’S it…thaaat’s the ticket…!!

    • bestfriend

      Airlines are run privately are they using prison labor?

  • bestfriend

    I heard the guy who was driving the train is a life long Democrat and that he has contributed money to Hillary’s campaign.