Civil Rights Leaders Call on Amazon CEO to Cease Sales of Confederate Flag

Source: Earl Ofari Hutchinson / The Hutchinson Report News

Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson and other civil rights leaders on Tuesday, June 23 called on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to cease all Confederate flag sales. The cessation of sales of this item by Amazon is even more important now that Walmart and Sears will stop selling the Confederate Flag.

Amazon would now become one of the main, if not the main, merchandiser in the country of the Confederate Flag. Hutchinson will deliver a copy of the appeal endorsed by Los Angeles civil rights leaders to the Los Angeles area shipping office of Amazon at Last Mile office, 900 W. Florence Ave., Inglewood 90301 on Tuesday, June 23, at 9:30 AM.

“Amazon is the nation’s leading online retailer. It is also one of the leading online retailers of the Confederate Flag,” says Hutchinson, ” Amazon now has an opportunity to again prove it is a good corporate citizen and join with other major retailers, business leaders and elected officials that now call for an end to sales and displays of a symbol that stands for hate and bigotry.”

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