NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Charleston Shooting Should Force America To Deal With Racist Past


Thousands Honor Sen. Clementa Pinckney At State House Viewing

Thousands of people waited in line for hours to say goodbye to Rev. Clementa Pinckney at the South Carolina State House. Those in attendance included state Governor Nikki Haley and Angela Clyburn Hannibal, the daughter of U.S. Congressman Jim Clyburn. Due to the scorching heat, the American Red Cross handed out water and assisted supporters. The viewing was scheduled to end at 5 p.m., but continued until 6 p.m. due to the vast amount of supporters.

Rep. Joseph H. Neal and Dr. Jason Johnson joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to reflect on their friend Rev. Clementa Pinckney who was shot and killed by Dylann Roof during the Emanuel AME Church shooting.

Charleston Shooting Should Force America To Address Its Racist Past & Present

The Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston that claimed the lives of nine African-Americans should force our nation to confront our views about the Confederacy, the Confederate flag, and public policy.

According to Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, the history that we have been taught is a whitewashed version of the events that took place in this country’s past.

As a result of the horrific events that transpired last week in Charleston, Martin said, “We have to confront … the true nature of who we are as a nation.”

Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League, spoke with Martin via Skype, and said, “This is a watershed moment and removal of the [Confederate] flag is one gesture to remove a symbol of hate.”

Morial said that removal of the flag and other symbols memorializing the Confederacy is a “symbolic gesture, but there are many more substantive” issues that we need to focus on. He reminded viewers that just two years ago, the Supreme Court “gutted” Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and is “considering a case where they could cut the Fair Housing Act that was passed in 1968.”

Morial questioned if once the Confederate flag is pulled down, will people “claim victory and think they’ve solved the problem?”

He went on to say the Confederate flag is part of what he called the “hate infrastructure in America.” Morial explained there are seven to eight hundred groups operating in America that use the flag and other symbols to “apply the ideology of hate,” which we have to ferret out, fight back, and expose.

The National Urban League President/CEO said, “The larger public policy issues are not exciting, they don’t always make front-page news.”

He added:

“We’re working in Congress to try to make sure that a new elementary and secondary education act has accountability and teeth and equity in it — it’s not on the front-pages of the newspaper, but it’s going to effect the disparities that we work on every single day.”

“What we can’t do is be mesmerized by this moment in time, as important as it is, as significant as it is — let’s not understate its important and significance – but we are going to have to ensure that this conversation doesn’t end with the removal of the vestiges of the Confederacy and the vestiges of slavery.”

David & Tamela Mann Talk “The Gospel Tradition: In Performance At The White House”

This Friday, Tamela Mann will perform her smash hit “Take Me To The King” during TV One’spresentation of “The Gospel Tradition: In Performance at the White House.”

She and hubby David Mann sat down with NewsOne Now host Roland Martin to discuss the upcoming “In Performance” special and shared a few hilarious stories about being asked to perform at the White House and what could have been a not-so-funny Secret Service incident involving David.

Tamela said when she found out about the invitation to perform, “That is like the ultimate call,” but was apprehensive because David “play too much.” She added at first, “It did feel like a prank.”

Once she realized there were no hidden cameras trying to capture her reaction, she said her “eyes really did tear up” and the only thing she could think of was that her late mom would be so proud of her.

David Mann told Martin a funny story about a wager he almost lost with Kirk Franklin, which could have gotten him arrested by the Secret Service. Mann said Franklin bet him to walk up and hug then-First Lady Hillary Clinton for five seconds after the performance.

Risking the threat of being arrested or worse by the Secret Service, he walked up, hugged Clinton for five seconds, and released. Later on when they were outside, a car with black tinted windows rolled up and a “white hand” gestured out of the window for him to approach.

Thinking it was the Secret Service and he was “about to get shot,” Mann said he walked over to the car to find out it was former President Gerald Ford. Mann said Ford congratulated him on a great performance.

The special presentation of “The Gospel Tradition: In Performance at the White House” airs Friday, June 26 at 9 PM EST on TV One featuring performances by Gospel greats Bishop Rance Allen, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Rodney CrowellRhiannon Giddens, Emmylou Harris, Darlene Love, Lyle Lovett, Tamela Mann, the Morgan State University Choir, Michelle Williams, and the “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin.

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