NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Officials Consider Sam DuBose Body Cam Video “Disturbing”


The police body camera video in the shooting of Cincinnati man Sam DuBose is reportedly so disturbing that officials in city are preparing for protests.

Roland Martin, The Buzz’s Lincoln Ware, host of the The Lincoln Ware Show and the NewsOne Now Straight Talk Panel discussed the “disturbing” police shooting of Sam DuBose‬ and the latest details in the the case.

Sandra Bland Booking Video Released In Attempt To Quell Conspiracy Theories On Social Media

Authorities in Waller County, Texas have released video of Sandra Bland’s arrival at the Waller County Sheriff’s Office and her booking to dispel conspiracy theories that have sprung up on social media.

Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now Straight Talk Panel discuss the newly released video and the impact that false accusations and conspiracy theories can have on the investigation into Bland’s death.

NewsOne Now Exclusive: Bill Cosby Attorney Pushes Back Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Bill Cosby continues to be at the center of the news, with more than thirty women accusing him of sexual assault over the last four decades.

The latest bombshell came from New York Magazine – whose July 26 cover story featured 35 women alleging Cosby assaulted them — a story that has seemingly become the final nail in the coffin for Cosby in the court of public opinion.

Despite some damning details recently released in a 2005 deposition where Cosby is quoted saying he supplied drugs to at least one woman in exchange for sex, the 78-year-old maintains his innocence.

In light of these revelations, Cosby and his legal team have decided to fight back against the allegations.Monique Pressley, attorney for Cosby, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the sexual assault allegations being made against her client and the contents of the 1,000-page 2005 deposition.

Pressley explained that Cosby did not admit to drugging women for sex during his 2005 sworn testimony saying,“No, it was not what was in the deposition.”

“… even the articles that have those headlines, and sometimes we don’t read past the headlines, the articles showed where the statements in the deposition were that he gained access to a prescription for a then-legal substance in the ‘70s — Quaaludes — and for those who were in the ‘70s who know anything about that period know — the period when Bianca Jagger and others were partying and partying hard — that was one of the substances that was commonly used.”

She added Quaaludes are not a “powerful sedative the way that the media is touting it, instead, it was a party drug and one that Mr. Cosby testified, honestly, candidly, that he had available and offered to the person who chose to accept.” Pressley then pointed out that “other testimony has verified that.”

“That’s very different than the accusations that are out there, which are that he slipped something into women’s drinks without their knowledge and then had non-consensual sex with them,” she said. 

Pressley went on to address the New York Magazine feature story on Cosby’s accusers, saying it is “not even accurate in terms of the allegations of the women.”

“They are not all alleging sexual assault or rape. Some are alleging inappropriate touching or drugging, and that nothing happened,” said Pressley.

“What’s happening in the media is that everything gets clumped together and it turns into 35, 45 — at some point I’m sure they’ll try to build the number up to 65 women who are saying the same thing, when it’s actually very different.”

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