NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: #SandraBland Case Treated Like Murder Investigation


Sandra Bland Case Being Treated As Homicide, Jail Surveillance Video Released

Despite claims that Sandra Bland committed suicide in a Texas jail cell following a violent arrest after a traffic stop, a Waller County prosecutor said an investigation into her death is being handled “like a murder investigation.”

Roland Martin, Criminal Defense Attorney Yodit Tewolde and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the latest developments in the Sandra Bland death in custody investigation.

Beat The Heat: Urban House Call Doctors Explain The Dangers Of Dehydration

Now that summer is in full swing and temperatures are reaching above 90 degrees in many parts of the country, it’s important to make sure that you and your loved ones are hydrated.

The Urban House Call Doctors, Dr. Rob and Dr. Karla Robinson, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to explain how to beat the heat, the dangers of dehydration, and the steps you can take to ensure you are properly hydrated.

Dr. Rob and Dr. Karla detailed a number of items many Americans use that may be contributing to dehydration, which include alcoholic beverages, caffeinated energy drinks, and over the counter diuretics. Dr. Rob defined dehydration as a “mismatch or misbalance” of the fluids that we intake – versus how much fluid we lose through urine, solid waste, and sweating.

“We all lose fluids throughout the course of the day through those various different mechanisms, but when we don’t take in enough water to compensate for those fluid losses, then you become dehydrated,” he said.

To combat this and help prevent dehydration, the Urban House Call Doctors explained we should “load up on fruits and vegetables, because they are primarily made up of water.”

“This is another way to get that water that you are otherwise losing during outdoor summer activities,” Dr. Rob said. “Drink plenty of water, eat the fruits that you should — the vegetables and so forth, and you can certainly avoid dehydration and avoid that next day headache and just feeling fatigued and miserable that resulted from your outdoor activity,” he added.

Dr. Karla said preparation is key: before you conduct your outdoor activity, hydration is important, “because if you’re not, you really do not have those reserves. So once you start sweating, once you start losing those fluids, you really are at a greater risk of suffering from the consequences” of dehydration.

Najee Travels The Globe Creating New Album, “Me, You & Forever”


Jazz saxophonist Najee recently joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to talk about his career in music and his new album, Me, You and Forever.

Najee told Martin this album differs from his other musical masterpieces by way of the creative process he went through for the project. “I did this record all over the world,” he said.

“I went to London, recorded over there. I went to New York, I went to Dallas, Los Angeles … Honestly, it was just a lot of fun — just took some chances, really — that’s what it was. [I] collaborated with different people I hadn’t worked with and had known for many years, and this is probably the first record that I don’t have a major superstar, like a Eric Benet, or somebody like that.”

In lieu of superstars, Najee said he was seeking different sounds and introduced “people who happened to be in the industry like Andrea Wallace, who’s worked with Kirk Franklin and the Family.” The longtime soprano saxophonist made mention of vocalist and guitarist Chuck Johnson, who has toured with him for seven years, as another artist that he introduced on Me, You and Forever.