NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: #BlackLivesMatter Activists Will Not Be Silenced


#BlackLivesMatter Activists Holding Presidential  Candidates Accountable

#BlackLivesMatter activists Jamie Hall and Daunasia Yancey spoke with Roland Martin Thursday on NewsOne Now about the movement’s protest actions, disrupting campaign rallies and holding 2016 presidential accountable.  See what they had to say about confronting 2016 presidential candidates in the video clip below.

Texas Cops Subject Black Woman To Roadside Cavity Search After Allegedly Smelling Weed In Her Car

A Harris County, TX deputy pulled Charnesia Corley over for allegedly running a stop sign on June 21. The deputy said he smelled weed coming from inside her vehicle.

The resulting traffic stop near a Texaco gas station concluded with Corley being detained and charged for resisting arrest, along with possession of .02 ounces of marijuana. The arrest happened after a degrading roadside cavity search, which took place in plain sight of passerby.

“Straight Outta Compton” Director F. Gary Gray Discusses Police Abuse & The Rise Of N.W.A.

Outta Compton. In this NewsOne Now interview, Martin talks with director F. Gary Gray about police abuse and how the iconic group addressed police brutality.Gray told Martin he felt “a lot of pressure” to get the film right. He said, “I grew up in that era, grew up in Los Angeles around that time — there’s a lot of fans out there that was like, ‘just make sure you get it right.’”

“I didn’t want it to feel like it was just a rap movie. It’s an important story — so far beyond the group and the music, socially and otherwise,” he continued.

When talking about what some perceived as an anti-cop movie, Gray explains that the biopic is not anti-cop, it is a “pro-change movie.”

“We want to change the culture,” Gray said. The more police brutality happens and “the more people catch it and put it on video, I think the more pressure, law enforcement will have to change the culture.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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