NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Randall Kerrick Trial Begins


NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Randall Kerrick Trial Begins

The trial of former Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer Randall Kerrick has begun. Kerrick is charged with manslaughter for shooting Jonathan Ferrell, 24, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ferrell, a former Florida A&M football player who had recently moved to North Carolina to be with his fiancee, was in a serious car crash and after kicking out his back window, walked to a nearby cluster of homes and knocked on the first door for help.

A woman answered the door thinking it was her husband and immediately slammed it in Ferrell’s face before calling 911.

Kerrick was one of the responding officers who respond to the 911 call, shot at Ferrell 12 times, 10 of the bullets piercing his body and allegedly eight of them fired while he was crawling on the ground.


A Better Chance: Scholarship Program Provides Students Of Color With Chance To Attend Private & Public Schools

Senior Program Manager of A Better Chance, Keith Wilkerson, and parent Shanita Spencer discussed the benefits and opportunities made available to African-American students through the program on NewsOne Now.

A Better Chance is dedicated to providing “educational leadership opportunities for middle and high school students of color in the hopes of creating leaders,” Wilkerson explained.

Students who benefit from the scholarship program are given the opportunity to attend the “same types of schools” Deval Patrick, former participant and Governor of Massachusetts, attended.


Over the course of two generations, A Better Chance has placed more than 14,000 talented young people of color into the nation’s leadership pipeline through increased access to academically rigorous independent and public schools.

According to Wilkerson, A Better Chance works with independent day schools and boarding schools across the country. Students are selected for the program not necessarily by income, instead, they must have at least a B-grade average, have a good standing in the community, and be interested in the “challenge” that independent day schools and boarding schools present.

Becoming Belafonte: Author Details Rise Of The Civil Rights Icon

Author Judith E. Smith talks with NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory about her new book, Becoming Belafonte: Black Artist, Public Radical.

Smith explained she was inspired to write the book about Belafonte because, “Harry Belafonte comes up all the time in Black arts activism.”

Smith told Ivory she first encountered Belafonte during research about African-American playwright, writer, and activist Lorraine Hansberry for her book Visions of Belonging. While preparing for a literary work uncovering the issues surrounding representation of African-Americans in Hollywood, Smith said she discovered Belafonte was the first Black person in entertainment who was able to green-light a film in 1959.

After realizing she could not talk about the activist and actor in film without understanding what led him to that position, Smith said she followed Mr. Belafonte’s history all the way back to his music. As a result, Belafonte’s story “took over and became his own book.”

NewsOne Now Exclusive: Donnie Simpson Dishes On His Return To Radio & TV

Donnie Simpson is back!

Simpson will make his return to radio beginning August 17, 2015 on Radio One-owned WMMJ-FM (Majic 102.3) and is in talks with TV One to collaborate on a series of programs with his company, Donnie Simpson Productions.

After talking with Brad Siegel, President of TV One, and Alfred Liggins, CEO of Radio One, the decision was made to bring Simpson, known as top veejay on Video Soul, back to television and radio in a multiyear deal.

This time around, Simpson says he just wants to have fun on the air. After the official announcement of his return, Simpson took part in a one-hour broadcast and said he hasn’t had to use the creative side of his brain since leaving radio nearly five years ago. He told NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory, “It felt really good.”


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