NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: What Impact Will #BlackLivesMatter Have On The 2016 Presidential Race?


What Impact Will #BlackLivesMatter Have On The 2016 Presidential Race?

We’ve seen the impact that a group of #BlackLivesMatter activists had on Netroots Nation during the presidential forum a few weeks ago.

Now that 10 GOP presidential candidates are preparing to take the stage for their first debate on August 6, 2015, the question arises — what impact will the #BlackLivesMatter movement have on the Republican primary contest, and what impact will the movement have on the 2016 presidential race as a whole?

Roland Martin; former RNC Chair Michael Steele; Jamira Burley, Senior Campaigner for Gun Violence and Criminal Justice; and Douglass Sloan, Co-Founder, National Capitol Strategy Group, discussed how the movement that seems to have galvanized a new generation of civil rights activists will impact who wins the highest office in the land.

Burley explained that young activists across the nation are “holding elected officials and some non-elected officials accountable during this presidential election by saying, ‘You have to talk about my issues and you have to talk about it to a point where it’s talking about policy and sustainable change.’”

Steele responded to Burley’s remarks, “The #BlackLivesMatter piece is not a dominant or even preeminent theme or concern right now in GOP politics.”

“Remember ultimately what we are talking about here, we’re talking about securing the Republican nomination … So I’ve got to go to the constituencies that are going to have a hand in securing that nomination,” he said.

Ray Tensing Indicted For Murder, Lied On Police Report & Wants His Job Back

UC police officer Ray Tensing was indicted for the murder of Sam DuBose. Upon review of the police report he filed in the shooting it was discovered the document is full of falsehoods.

Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the latest details in the Sam DuBose case.

Fit!Live!Win! The Benefits Of Pole Fitness Explained

Michaela Jones, pole fitness instructor and manager of The P Spot Fitness Studio, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now for this week’s installment of Fit!Live!Win! to explain how pole dancing can not only be fun, but help you stay fit.

Jones, who has been “on the pole” for 10 years, explained the idea behind this unique workout.

“If you can find an enjoyable, beneficial approach to fitness, then the person is going to do it for a long term,” she said.

“You can run on a treadmill, you can take a walk, you can work out with dumbbells and barbells, but that stuff is painstaking on the mind. When it’s cold outside and you’re tired, you’re not going to get up and get motivated to go lift a dumbbell or a barbell.”

“However, every girl wants to swing on the pole,” she said jokingly.

According to Jones, a Georgetown graduate, participants in her 45-minute pole fitness class burn between 400 – 600 calories per class. She also touted the challenging nature of the exercise/dance routine saying, “The fitness of it is being able to maintain your own body weight on this vertical structure.”

“I even have personal trainers that come in that are used to doing traditional push-ups and pull-ups, but they cannot mount the pole — why? It’s a total different requirement of muscles,” she said.

Activists Demand DOJ Intervention In #SandraBland Case, Take Stand For Black Women Targeted By Cops

Pastor Jamal Bryant and a group of activists from around the country protested outside of the offices of the Department of Justice on Monday, demanding direct intervention in the Sandra Bland case.

“We’re asking Loretta Lynch take over the case,” Bryant told Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now.

“Over the last two weeks, six African-American women have died in police custody, and so while we realize Black men have already been targeted in mass incarceration — it looks like the next in line seems to be Black women,” he said.

“Today we’ve assembled from literally all over the eastern seaboard to take a stand, not just for Sandra Bland, but for sisters who are under attack all over the country.”

When asked why this issue is bigger than Sandra Bland, Tamika Mallory of the Justice League NYC said, “I am Sandra Bland and all the women who are here today who have assembled feel the same way.”

“That officer target[ed] her and did not necessarily know anything about her background, which means that it could have been me on that street. It could be my mother, my sister, it could be any one of us at any time.”

“We cannot stand by and watch what we know is a pattern happening in this country where women are turning up dead in police custody.”

“We believe that the Department of Justice needs to do what it says that it does, and protect every citizen and every human being the same.”



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