NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Man Mistaken As WDBJ Shooter By Media Outlets Speaks Out


NewsOne Now Exclusive: Man Mistakenly Identified As WDBJ Shooter Speaks Out

Sherman Lea, Jr.  talks with Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now about how a photo led to him being mistakenly identified as the WDBJ shooter.

Randall Kerrick Will Not Face Retrial For The Killing Of Jonathan Ferrell

Randall Kerrick will not face a retrial for the killing of former FAMU football player Jonathan Ferrell.  Chris Chestnut, Ferrell family attorney joined  Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the latest developments in the case.

Turn Your Setbacks Into Greenbacks: Motivational Speaker Willey Jolley Shares 7 Secrets To A Comeback

When life throws you a curveball or deals you a bad hand, when you run up against a financial stumbling block or face what seems to be insurmountable odds, many people think their lives are over.

Despite what you may be facing, according to motivational speaker Willie Jolley, there is good news.

You can turn your setback into greenbacks.

Jolley joined Roland Martin Monday on NewsOne Now to talk about his new book, Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks: 7 Secrets for Going Up in Down Times.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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