NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Ben Carson Talks 2016, #BlackLivesMatter


GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Expresses Disappointment With #BlackLivesMatter, Says Movement Should Be “All-Encompassing”

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson joined Roland Martin on TV One’s NewsOne Now to share his views on the 2016 race for the White House, the Black Lives Matter movement, the GOP’s outreach to African-American voters, Donald Trump, and more.

Ben Carson Talks GOP Black Voter Outreach and Donald Trump

During their one-on-one conversation, Martin and Carson also discussed Republican front-runner Donald Trump and the GOP’s efforts to attract Black voters.

“I’ve been critical of the party for neglecting African-Americans, because the assumption is that there’s no point, that they’re not going to listen anyway. They’re just going to do what the Democrats tell them to do,” he said.

War Room: Team Jesus Takes Over The Box Office

The new faith-based movie War Room is taking the box office by storm and has become this summer’s sleeper hit.

According to, the film earned another $7.4 million over the past weekend. Variety.comreports:

The $3 million production from brothers Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick brought in $12.6 million over the four-day [Labor Day] holiday. The film has earned $27.9 million and is on track to be the biggest hit of the Kendricks’ careers, passing “Courageous” ($34.5 million) and “Fireproof” ($33.4 million). It arrives in theaters courtesy of Sony’s Affirm division.

On Monday, Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, spoke with stars Priscilla Shirer and Alena Pitts about the film and the power of prayer.

Shirer explained the spiritual significance of going into a war room — a place of solitude to petition God, or go into spiritual warfare — saying:

“If we’re constantly just aiming our attacks using physical solutions and physical remedies to handle the physical stuff that we can see, we never get to the root, the cause that really matters, which means we never make a dent in life’s issues, because the cause is still there.”

“So the war room is where you go to battle for your life,” said Shirer.

The author of Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer, also explained we can “begin to craft prayer strategies for your life. To realize that you are in a battlefield in your marriage, in your parenting as a single woman, finances, career, whatever insecurities, fear — fear is a very real enemy behind most of that stuff, but that you can hit him where it hurts with prayer.” 

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