NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: #CopsGoneWild: California Police Assault And Arrest A Black Teen For Jaywalking


#CopsGoneWild: California Police Assault And Arrest A Black Teen for Jaywalking

Stockton, California police are being criticized after a large group of officers were captured tackling a teenager for jaywalking.

Bystander Evan Avendaño witnessed and recorded the Tuesday encounter between a Stockton police officer and an unknown 16-year-old, Vice News reports. Avendaño said the teen was walking off a bus when he was stopped by the officer for jaywalking.

When the teen ignored the officer’s request to speak with him, he allegedly used excessive force by hitting the civilian in the face with a baton.

Eight additional officers arrived on the scene as backup. In total, four officers tackled the teen, while five monitored the sidewalk. Stockton Police Officer Joseph Silva told reporters proper protocol was followed, but an investigation will be launched to discover whether excessive force was used.

What Is The Ask: Iyanla Vanzant Addresses #BlackLivesMatter Controversy

Iyanla Vanzant kicked off a firestorm after her comments about the #BlackLivesMatter movement went viral. In a recent Essence Magazine article, Vanzant questioned “what is the ask” from the movement and where is the movement’s leadership?

From Essence Magazine:

The way Iyanla Vanzant sees it, the Black Lives Matter movement is in need of an intervention and the self-help guru believes she knows just where to start.

“We’ve got to stop talking about it and really start doing the work about it,” Vanzant said recently while promoting the upcoming third season of Iyanla: Fix My Life, which premieres on OWN Saturday Sept. 19. “What is the ask? Black lives matter, therefore we ask …?” she continued.

“What are we saying? What does that mean? Taking the moment and making it a movement requires some level of action and, unfortunately, some level of leadership, which is a problem for us.”

Friday, on TV One’s NewsOne Now, Roland Martin questioned Vanzant about her remarks quoted inEssence. Vanzant told Martin, “I was referencing the fact that as a member of the community, I didn’t know what the ask is.”

“You’ve (Roland Martin) covered it, but is it being promoted, is it out there? I don’t know what the ask is, that’s number one. Number two, in terms of leadership, I haven’t heard any of our elected officials — this weekend is the Congressional Black Caucus — I’m not hearing our officials honoring the people’s voice.

“The people are saying Black Lives Matter, but I don’t hear the elected officials saying that. I don’t hear them promoting it.”

Martin pushed back, explaining Thursday’s Congressional Black Caucus townhall meeting focused “specifically” on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Martin went on to say, “Members of the Black Caucus have been meeting with, communicating with, planning with various organizers” of the movement.

Vanzant also questioned if the movement was “willing and ready to do the work required” in order to take this moment and turn it into a movement. She added, “one of the things that we have to do is have a clear ask.”

“Now I consider myself both a leader and an elder in this community, I do a lot of grassroots work and I’m telling you, maybe we just want to consider how we can do a better job about letting the average, everyday person know,” she continued.

“I didn’t know and I’m in the DMV area, so what’s the Black Lives Movement here and as an elder in the community, what’s the ask of me?”

The new season of Black-ish premieres on ABC Wednesday, September 23rd at 9:30/8:30 c on ABC.

Scene-stealer extraordinaire Deon Cole, one of the stars of the smash hit sitcom, joined Roland Martinon TV One’s NewsOne Now to talk about the upcoming season and some of the new projects he’s working on.

Cole said of Black-ish on NewsOne Now:

“It’s not a show actually about Black life, it’s about life. It’s about what we go through, it’s subliminal, it’s right there in your face, and everybody can identify with what we’re doing. We’re just trying to be as real as possible with it and have fun and deliver a message, and hopefully America understands what we’re doing.”

Watch comedian Deon Cole discuss the new season of Black-ish premiering this coming Wednesday on ABC.

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    I am sorry this happen to you young man. I pray it doesn’t destroy your life. Keep your head up and be a STAR (strive to achieve realistically).