NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Pope Francis Wraps U.S. Visit, Speaker Boehner Resigns, Should #BlackLivesMatter Host A Presidential Debate…AND MORE


Pope Francis Wraps U.S. Visit

Pope Francis concluded his first visit the the United States with a mass in Philadelphia where the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin performed.

Will John Boehner’s Resignation Help Avoid A Government Shutdown?

Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss Speaker John Boehner’s resignation and what it means for the political climate in Washington D.C.

Should The Black Lives Matter Movement Hold A Presidential Candidate Forum To Address Our Issues?

On Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin posed a question about the upcoming presidential election and one of the largest movements in recent history: “Should the Black Lives Matter movement invite Republican and Democratic presidential candidates to a debate/forum in an attempt to force them to address issues important to the African-American community?”

There would be pros and cons behind holding the forum, NewsOne Now panelist Paris Dennard told Martin:

“It would be very telling to those candidates who take this seriously and who may not agree with the slogan or the hashtag, but understand there are pros behind it.”

He added, “Those who get it and have staff that say ‘This is something that you should do, if you want to reach and have these inroads and tap into how America feels’ will show up. Those that won’t, they’re not going to be there.”

Lauren Victoria Burke, Managing Editor of, said, “I think we know who would not show up.”

“Most of the Republicans would not show up.” She continued, “Jeb Bush, maybe Marco Rubio would show up.”

Martin then interjected with Bush’s “free stuff” faux pas from last week, to which Burke said, “That is how they market to Black voters — the welfare queen.” Later, Martin suggested the forum would raise the Black Lives Matter movement to a different level.

“Because if you go back to 2012, when you have the Tea Party that sponsored debates — Black Lives Matter movement should do it as well,” Martin said.

Martin believes a Black Lives Matter-sponsored presidential debate would “force every Democratic candidate to have to show up and speak to our issues.”

Fit!Live!Win! How To Avoid The Freshmen 15

College is an exciting time — many young Americans get their first taste of freedom and independence — but for some, it also means gaining weight.

As a result of unlimited access to food and a lack of parental guidance, some college undergrads eat and party themselves into what is commonly known as the “Freshmen 15” — 15 pounds of added weight that could prove troublesome to lose and lead to other health issues later on in life.

During this week’s edition of NewsOne Now’s Fit!Live!Win!, celebrity fitness trainer Deanna Jefferson explained how college students can avoid the dreaded “Freshmen 15” through a few tweaks to their diets.

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