NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Roland Martin Spoofs Bill O’Reilly In The NewsOne Now No Lie Zone


Bill’s Lies Matter: Roland Martin’s Talking Points Memo On #BlackLivesMatter Controversy

On the heels of calling out Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for his attack against the #BlackLivesMatter movement, NewsOne Now host Roland Martin turned up the pressure on the conservative TV personality.

Thursday morning on TV One, Martin offered his own version of O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo segment, detailing why “Bill’s Lies Matter.”

The first item on Martin’s list: Fox News should change their “fair and balanced” tagline to “ignore and deny reality.”

Next on Martin’s list of talking points was debunking Fox News contributor Juan Williams‘ assertion that the Black Lives Matter movement does not have an agenda. To dispel this misconception, Martin reminded viewers that leaders of the movement were just on TV One’s NewsOne Now discussing the Campaign Zero policy initiative, which details 33 demands.

Martin said, “Juan and Bill, you can’t say they have no agenda, when they actually have an agenda. How about actually doing some research?” He continued, “Black Lives Matter hates bad policing, that’s why they have that agenda, but Bill O’Reilly doesn’t mention that.”

We will. The following items were among those highlighted in the Campaign Zero policy agenda:

  • End broken windows policing
  • Community oversight
  • Limit use of force
  • Independently investigate and prosecute
  • Community representation
  • Body cameras
  • Increased training
  • End of for-profit policing
  • Demilitarization of law enforcement
  • Fair police union contracts

“Every day we’re seeing video of cops gone wild,” said Martin, continuing his Talking Points Memo. He then highlighted a series of instances in which law enforcement officers appeared to be completely out of control. Instances included an Ohio officer who pulled over a Detroit man in part for making “eye contact,” and the Samuel DuBose shooting in Cincinnati recorded by police body cam video.

“We have case after case after case, but Bill O’Reilly and Fox News love to ignore those stories,” said Martin. “Black Lives Matter is not calling for cops to be killed. They have no issue when it comes to those good cops, but they got a problem when so-called good cops say nothing.”

Martin went on to say, “So how about this, Bill: Accept the reality that cops are there to protect and serve the public, not to protect and serve themselves. They are there for us. We pay them every single day with taxpayer dollars.”

Martin then challenged O’Reilly to speak out against police brutality and violence in the cases of Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, John Crawford and Aiyana Jones, who all died at the hands of police officers.

Martin wrapped his Talking Points commentary saying, “The fact of the matter is, Bill, that you do not want to tell the truth about Black Lives Matter. You desire to purposely mislead your audience — so why don’t you have the guts to stand with us on the issue of challenging cops who lie on police reports, who have unjustified shootings?”

DOJ Releases Final Report On Ferguson Unrest Detailing More Than 100 Lessons

The Department of Justice has released its final report on the 17-day period between the shooting death of Michael Brown and his funeral.

Thursday on NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and the Straight Talk Panel discussed the findings of this revealing report. NewsOne Now panelist Danielle Belton told Martin, “There has to be policy that comes out of this, because otherwise we’ll repeat this all over again in another suburban town in the United States.” She added the police in Ferguson “threw as many militarized police as they could at the problem as possible. They saw a bunch of people protesting and saw a lot of people upset. They just lost their minds for two weeks last summer and we can’t see a repeat of that.”

“We’ve already seen a repeat of it,” said Avis Jones-DeWeever. She added that one year after Mike Brown was shot in Ferguson, police are still “engaging in some of the same tactics. They have not really produced any change in Ferguson, much less anywhere else around the country.”

“So what is the difference?” she continued. “To have people just be able to resign and get their retirements and go on their merry way or get a job someplace else does not solve the problem. The root is still there and the horrendous outcomes are still there.”

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