NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Who Killed #‎AmonderezGreen‬, Whites Offer Helpful Tips To Blacks On How To Behave Around Cops


Who Killed Amonderez Green? Cops Claim He Committed Suicide, Witnesses Say Otherwise

The events leading up to the death of Amonderez P. Green from Normandy, Missouri has left many asking whether the young man was suicidal, or if he was fatally shot by police officers.

On Friday, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discussed the details of the shooting which seem to have left out a considerable amount of information as to what exactly happened to Green.

Cop Who Shot Corey Jones Was Not Qualified For Undercover Surveillance Assignment

Florida Police Officer Nouman Raja, who shot and killed Corey Jones‬ as he waited for roadside assistance, was still on probation and therefore unqualified for undercover surveillance work. According to Attorney Ben Crump, Jones’ final moments may have been recorded by the roadside assistance at/ or around at the time Officer Raja approached him.

On Friday Crump joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the latest developments in the Corey Jones case.

So About White People Offering Helpful Tips On How Blacks Should Behave Around Cops

With so many stories of African-Americans being abused by local law enforcement, shot by police, beaten by police and killed by police, it would seem as though unpleasant experiences with cops is inevitable for the majority of Black America.

We are constantly reminded of these incidents involving local area police by the steady stream videos and stories of seemingly peaceful African-Americans being stopped by cops for Driving While Black, Walking While Black, Jogging While Black, etc.

We also have increasing numbers of cases where African-Americans end up fatally wounded as a result of their interactions with cops. Take for instance the cases of John Crawford, Walter Scott, Samuel DuBose, Sandra Bland and most recently Corey Jones as proof of Blacks who were doing nothing wrong at the time when their encounter with a police officer lead to their untimely demise.

To respond to the stereotype of Blacks not acting-right around police and being detained, arrested, beaten or shot as a result, a number of White Americans on social media decided to reach out to the Black populous to offer useful tips on how African-Americans should behave when they are in the presence of cops.


All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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