Goldie Taylor: ‘We Aren’t Here Just To Celebrate Black Lives, We’re Here To Offer A Critical Analysis’


Roland Martin talks to writer Goldie Taylor about Ebony Magazine’s November issue featuring the possible dismantling of the legacy of The Cosby Show. The controversial cover was met with harsh criticism when released on social media.


“The central question is, have those allegations begun to impeach the legacy of The Cosby Show? Do we still hold it in sort of the same esteem and regard? Do we still watch?”

On the separation of Heathcliff Huxtable vs. Bill Cosby:

“It was a purposeful intertwining of Bill Cosby on air…he played out their values in real life.”

Should black media be responsible for sharing negative black stories?

“When we’ve got a publication like Ebony and Essence magazine, we aren’t here just to celebrate black lives, but we’re here to offer a critical analysis of it.”