NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Rupert Murdoch Suggests Pres. Obama Is Not A “Real Black President”


Rupert Murdoch Suggests President Obama Is Not A “Real Black President”

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch suggested on Twitter that President Barack Obama is not a “real Black president.” Murdoch has since apologized for asserting that POTUS is not Black enough, but how and when did Murdoch become an authority on Blackness?

On Thursday, Roland Martin and NewsOne Now addressed Murdoch’s faux pas.

WTH?! Thursday: BK’s Black Whopper Results In Green Poop, NBA Player Matt Barnes’ Flagrant Foul Against Knicks Coach At Estranged Wife’s House

It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now, and we’re breaking down all of the insane stories trending in this week’s news.

Radio personality Tony Redz, comedian Lamont King, and NewsOne Now panelists Avis Jones-DeWeever, head of the Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women, and Laura Coates, Civil Rights Attorney at the Department of Justice, join Roland Martin for this week’s play-by-play WTH commentary.

This week’s list of pure insanity begins with Burger King’s Halloween Black Whopper, which has resulted in a green poop outbreak.



The NBA is back, but the season is starting off badly for a player and a coach. Matt Barnes of the Memphis Grizzlies allegedly drove more than 90 miles to confront New York Knicks Coach Derrick Fisher at his estranged wife’s house.

According to media reports, there was an altercation between the two and the following day, Fisher did not appear at Knicks practice as a result of “a few scratches.” The Knicks say he was absent as a result of a “personal issue” and probably a flagrant foul or two.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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