NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Cops Upset Over The “YouTube effect,” Fear Their Recorded Actions Will Go Viral 


 Cops Upset Over The “YouTube Effect,” Fearing Their Recorded Actions Will Go Viral, Lead To Indictments

As a result of civilians using their mobile devices to record encounters with local law enforcement many police officers across the country are angry and upset of their actions bring posted on social media.

Law enforcement officers, including the FBI Director James Comey are critical of of the practice because they  claim police are now afraid of what is being dubbed the “YouTube effect.” According to many officers their actions captured on cell phone video goes viral and is turned into a news story.

Recently during a meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a group of mayors and police officials, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel went so far as to blame the spike in Chicago violence on the idea that Chicago cops are becoming “fetal” out of fear they will get in trouble for their actions during arrests.

Alabama Man Is Detained For #JoggingWhileBlack

An Alabama man is detained by two White cops for #JoggingWhileBlack.  

Cory Dickerson shut down the officers who arrived at the scene simply by asking, “So you can detain me for anything whatsoever?”

#BankingWhileBlack Teen “Feared For His Life,” May File A Civil Rights Lawsuit

Jason Goolsby, who was forcefully detained by Washington D.C. police recently told reporters he “feared for his life” and may file a civil rights lawsuit as a result of his brutal detainment.

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