NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Mother Of Tamir Rice Calls For A Special Prosecutor To Take Over The Investigation Into Her Son’s Death


Mother Of Tamir Rice Calls For A Special Prosecutor To Take Over The Investigation Into Her Son’s Death

Tamir Rice’s mother, Samaria Rice called for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office to step aside and is asking for a special prosecutor to take control of the criminal investigation into her son’s death.

Monday on NewsOne Now, Roland Martin talked with Rice family attorney, Subodh Chandra about the Tamir Rice case and the “whitewashed” report of two experts who have found the shooting of Tamir “reasonable.”

Georgia May End Some Law Enforcement Privileges After Investigation Of 171 Fatal Police Shootings

The Georgia Legislature is likely to review a proposal that would end some of the special privileges Georgia police harbor if they shoot and kill someone and the case goes to a grand jury for possible charges.

According to, “Georgia is the only state that allows an officer to be in the grand jury room the entire proceeding, hear all the evidence against them and close out the proceeding with a statement that can’t be questioned by prosecutors or grand jurors. Prosecutors say it hinders justice in cases where there is a questionable shooting.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, “The proposal follows a Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Channel 2 Action News investigation this year into 171 police shootings across Georgia since 2010. None of those cases went to trial and a reason that officers rarely face charges is the special privileges they receive in the grand jury room.

On Monday, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now discussion panel talked about’s report on the Georgia Legislature considering the proposal to limit certain police privileges and the impact of the privileges Georgia cops currently enjoy when they are called to testify at a grand jury hearing.

Breaking Down BuzzFeed’s “Questions White People Have For White People”

This past weekend, BuzzFeed Video’s  (BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Staff) released a two-minute presentation exploring whiteness and reverse racism. The hilarious video caught the eye ofNewsOne Now host and Managing Editor Roland Martin, who exclaimed after seeing it, “We have to talk about that.”

So on Monday’s edition of TV One’s morning show NewsOne Now, that is exactly what they did.

After airing the comical and poignant 33 Questions White People Have For White People expose, NewsOne Now’s White-ish correspondent Tim Canalichio appeared on set to analyze some of the questions asked during the BuzzFeed video.

Questions included in BuzzFeed’s 33 Questions White People Have For White People:

  • What do you have against seasoning and spiciness?
  • Why can’t most White people dance?
  • Why do you believe that Black Lives Matter means that your life doesn’t matter?
All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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