Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: #JusticeOrElse Wealth Building And Financial Freedom


In this edition of The Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast, Martin talks with America’s Wealth Coach Deborah Owens about financial/economic freedom and wealth building through the purchase of stocks as opposed to purchasing material goods as gifts for  Christmas.

If you are interested in purchasing stocks, Owens suggested listeners visit and For more wealth building tips visit

Pastor DeForest “Buster” Soaries joined Tuesday’s conversation on financial/economic freedom to talk about living a debt-free life.

For more information on Pastor Soaries debt free program, visit

Plus, Martin offered  his financial freedom Justice Or Else book club selections:

All that and more in this edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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  • Roland Martin is one of my favorite journalists. I respect his work ethic. This show was good. The information about purchasing stock instead of products seems like sounds advice for capitalists. Why is success measured with European standards of wealth accumulation (greed)? However, if we must succumb to the ways of this wicked land, why not advise our people to invest in BLACK OWNED stocks? Why Apple? Why Nike? These companies exploit people all over the world. Why not follow successful Black CEO’s?