NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Talks Black Lives Matter, Racist Cops & Battles Roland Martin


Controversial  Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his views on the Black Lives Matter Movement, police brutality, racist cops, use of police body cams and more.

5 #BlackLivesMatter Activists Shot In Minneapolis Near A Jamar Clark Protest

Five Black Lives Matter activists were allegedly shot by three white men near a Jamar Clark protest in Minneapolis.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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  • BlackHeywood

    I told y’all this Black man is mentally ill and has some deep seated self hating issues. As I say regularly ALL OUR SKIN FOLKS AIN’T OUR KIN FOLKs. No one proves that more than Mr Clarke,he’s a dangerous Black man because of his status as a police officer who is believed by many racist and others who hate Black people.

    • Divine Jones

      First of all, brutality exist. His research is written by the oppressors. You can look at “Rule of Law” because the rule is to protect the LAW. So yeah, if a pig gets charged for killing one of us, he wins because they protect their own, except when the cop is Black.

      • BlackHeywood

        The rule of law is to protect citizens not the police when they commit murder. You also forget that the police are PUBLIC SERVANTS and work for the people who pay their salaries .There is no special protection or laws for them.

  • BlackHeywood

    Thanks for calling out the owned Black journalist like Don Lemon, Joy Reid, April Ryan, Perry Bacon and others who are regulars on CNN and MSNBC but seem to lose their voice when it comes to the injustices committed against Black people.

  • Jason Bolt

    Mr. Martin,
    You are a better Black man than I am. I would have called Uncle Tom Clark out right on the program. He ought to be ashamed of himself. But he fits right in with SeanHannity and Bill O’Rielly though. Why don’t those two just open up another tube of lipstick and kiss his backside some more?

  • Dhoruba Asadi

    Wonderful interview of Mr. Clark, Roland Martin.