NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Black Pastors Talk Donald Trump Meeting & More


Roland Martin Clashes With Black Pastor Over Lack Of Specifics & Policy In Meeting With Donald Trump

Dr. Steve Parson, former pastor of Richmond Christian Center joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s meeting with more than 100 African American pastors at Trump Tower in New York.

Black Pastors Share Their Views On Meeting With Donald Trump


Black Ministers reportedly urged Donald Trump to tone down the racial rhetoric, but what substantive issues did they discuss? Bishop Victor Couzens from Inspirational Baptist Church and Bishop George Bloomer from Bethel Family Worship Center joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the meeting with Trump.

Bishop E.W. Jackson Calls #BlackLivesMatter Movement “Disgraceful” & “Demonic”

Conservative Black minister Bishop E.W. Jackson joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his views about Black Lives Matter and why he considers the movement “demonic.”

Bishop Jackson is part of a group of ministers who believe it’s time to revive America’s inner cities. The group, Staying True to America’s National Destiny, or STAND, says  and activists have done little to help the nation’s growing race, poverty, crime, and violence issues. reported Bishop Jackson, “lashed out at the ‘demonic Black Lives Matter movement’” during a conference call he organized with conservative activists in November.

On Friday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin confronted Bishop Jackson about his disparaging remarks regarding the movement for social justice that is making some headway demanding accountability from law enforcement officials.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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  • Wow.

    This coverage of the Donald Trump meeting with the “Black” pastors is eye opening. I see why Christianity still has the bulk of Black people under a spell. All of them (right wing and left wing) follow traditions of hypnotizing our people to pay them tons of money for hope.

    Clearly, there isn’t much substance behind the majority of these pastors. They all seemed to be under the spell as well.

    Since Christianity was perverted in Rome Italy and the character of Jesus Christ was crowd-sourced by many writers (a ghost-writing-group that penned under the name Shakespeare by plagiarizing the great Ancient Kemetic philosophers), then why are so many of our EDUCATED clergy still leading the blind through a corrupt system of child molestation, human trafficking, and unnecessary war around the world?

    Pastor Ray Hagins of the should be invited to your show to discuss some of the topics on the presidential candidacy.

    • Apostle George Paulk Jr

      As a Anointed Man of Jesus Christ filled With Holy Ghost Im remimded That Jesus said whats in the Heart the mouth Speaketh. You have 100 Modern Day Sanhedrin Leaders That say They are Pastors.That has met With a prolific Racist Billionaire Donald Trump after His been seen on National TV spuing His heart felt Hatred towards Blacks. Who gave these so call Pastors the Authority to Speak for the masses of Black People? Mike Murdock isnt Black. Riva Tims Isnt a Leader. To Be giving Spiritual counsel and over men Not according to the Scriptures of the Sanhedrin Which are men only. This in itsself is desecration and The Holy Spirit doesnt deal in secrets and lies.Theses Hirlings Have come together to further oppress the people of Jesus just as The Government oppreses the people especially blackman. As Each day Iniquity abounds We seeing the Love Wax Cold. Men have become lovers of themselves.These 100 Pastors dont care about the people Just as Jesus said the Hirling careth Not for the Sheep because they are None of his. These Leaders are worser tgan in Jesus days. They make merchandise of The Believes with Twisted Doctrine from the spirit of Error. Many follow their pernicious ways by reason of Error The Truth is Evil spoken of. Donald Trump has no intention of helping blacks, if he did he’d have did it long time ago if the motives of his heart was pure. These 100 Pastors are not seen out in their communities on the streets where the harvest of souls are. Why? Because the people on the streets are beneath them. Leaders Servents of Jesus are called to Serve, not to be served. And Serventhood goes beyond Pull Pit 2 times a week. We are in the hour where The Holy Ghost is exposing the Hearts of those who have been prostituting The Gospel of Jesus Christ for gain, self glory, fame and statue. Not to Lift up the Name of Jesus that Glory can go to GOD The Father, not These Pastors who have apostasy spirit and devour widow house lead silly women Laden with Sin.Have turn from the Truth and following Lies. But as anEnd time Apostle of Jesus Christ throught the Holy Ghost and not man. You Leaders need to Repent and Turn from your Wicked ways.and cease from the lies and deception like You love Jesus and The Brethern. Alot of you will have negitive remark. But rest assure You WILL give account for the lies and hurt you’ve cause to the Saints of God. For Lo Im on my way back Says The Lord Jesus and Everyman Will give account for His Evil deeds Says The Lord JESUS. Take heed. Apostle George Paulk Jr.Gods Man Servent in End Times.