NewsOne Now Podcast: Bishop E.W. Jackson Calls #BlackLivesMatter Movement “Disgraceful” & “Demonic”


Conservative Black minister Bishop E.W. Jackson joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his views about Black Lives Matter and why he considers the movement “demonic.”

Bishop Jackson is part of a group of ministers who believe it’s time to revive America’s inner cities. The group, Staying True to America’s National Destiny, or STAND, says President Barack Obama and activists have done little to help the nation’s growing race, poverty, crime, and violence issues. reported Bishop Jackson, “lashed out at the ‘demonic Black Lives Matter movement’” during a conference call he organized with conservative activists in November.

On Friday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin confronted Bishop Jackson about his disparaging remarks regarding the movement for social justice that is making some headway demanding accountability from law enforcement officials.

Black Men Wearing Hoodies Go Christmas Caroling In The “Whitest Neighborhood In The City”

What do you think would happen when a group of African American men wearing hoodies travel to The Estates of Saratoga Woods quite possibly the “Whitest neighborhood” in a city to spread a little holiday cheer?

In a new video released by prankster Tom Mabe, five Black men wearing black hoodies knock on the doors of unsuspecting suburbanites. Once the front doors open, the initial reaction is what you would expect.

Dear White People: Why Are You Trippin’ About An All-Black Wiz?

Just before the premiere of NBC’s adaptation of The Wiz‬ Twitter blew up because many in White America went crazy over there being all-Black Wiz.

On Friday, Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now decided to help all of those who lost their minds over The Wiz with his special #‎DearWhitePeople‬ message.

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