NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: State Of Emergency In Flint, MI – Extremely High Levels Of Lead In Drinking Water


State of emergency in Flint, MI. The city’s drinking water contains an extremely high level of lead. Roland Martin talks with LeAnne Walters, a Flint resident impacted by the environmental crisis and Professor Marc Edwards, who is overseeing the research into the high concentration of lead in the city’s drinking water.

San Bernardino mass shooter’s friend Enrique Marquez was arrested, charged with aiding the terrorist plot.

The Washington DC City Council passes the most expansive Body Camera Program in the Nation.

First ever HBCU Bowl Game kicks off Saturday, Dec. 19, at Noon on ABC live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA.

Don’t miss our Holiday Tech run down and our list of the apps you need to find the best deals with tech expert Stephanie Humphrey.

Plus Rev. Run is in the house and shares how he is using in platform to address issues of faith.

Roland Martin and Will Smith, the star of “Concussion” talk style and ascots.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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