NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Roland Martin Clashes With Pastor Over Specifics, Policy In Black Pastors Meeting With Donald Trump


Roland Martin Clashes With Black Pastor Over Lack Of Specifics & Policy In Meeting With Donald Trump

Dr. Steve Parson, former pastor of Richmond Christian Center joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s meeting with more than 100 African American pastors at Trump Tower in New York.

Roland Martin Offers Open Invitation To Black Pastors To Talk Specifics, Policy And What Was Discussed During Meeting With Donald Trump

Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, offered an “open invitation” and a challenge to more than 100 Black clergy members to appear on NewsOne Now and discuss their meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

World AIDS Day

Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen, Senior Pastor of the largest LGVT church in the country, The Vision Church of Atlanta and Rashad Burgess discussed HIV/AIDS in the African American community

3 1/5 Minutes: Lucia McBath Discuses The Documentary About The Death Of Her Son Jordan Davis

Lucia McBath spoke with Roland Martin about the 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets documentary detailing the murder of her son, Jordan Davis.

The Black MANual

Dr. Shane Perrault, Marital Psychologist and founder of the American Marriage Counseling joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his new book, The Black MANual : Less Drama, More Love – A single woman’s guide to choosing Mr. Right.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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  • Kemetic Genius

    Thank you Roland!! for revealing the ignorance that exist in some of these leaders in the black community! I was hurt to see this man endorse Trump after he not only question our current president but, said in 2014 that another black person would not sit in the white house for generations because of Obama…. this “pastor” is the worst kind.

  • Gwen

    How can they be so narrow minded? They have heard him express how he feels about Black, Mexicans, etc. in a negative way and they still endorse him. Uncle Toms still exist in 2015. Come on Black people!!!!!

  • Robert Howard

    Roland, this pastor was a disgrace and a bad representation of the Black community. Lets not get sidetracked because he is “Trump” but he’s clearly only doing this for votes. It’s blatant and we need to recognize it. He spoke freely about blacks, Mexicans, so how can any Black person support that thinking?

  • Angela

    Sounds like they just want to be in a meeting with a billionaire and not ask questions about economy , school , real issues that affect us as African-American citizen’s I don’t go asking for any body to give me damn thing I work and still may not be able to make ends meet what he means government shouldn’t be creating jobs! MARTIN L KING WOULD REALLY BE AS HAMED , we have preacher’s representing and not being real.Two hours and no accomplishments smh.

  • Tommie Troutmon

    Bottom line is these Pastors that happened to be Black want to feel important. Trump invited them to a all inclusive meeting in his tower. Right there he put them in his pocket. These prosperity preaching pimps are just as crooked as there Caucasian counterpart. If they were so sincere Trump should have went to the Black community. The Black community represents itself. Black people are independent and surly can understand garbage when they see it. Trump and this circus of black idiots need to take a hike with this garbage.