Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: America’s Gun And Violence Sickness


In this edition of The Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast, Martin discusses America’s obsession with guns and this nation’s sickness with guns and violence. Can our obsession with firearms be based on a constant state of mind focusing on aggression and the notion that we are the biggest, baddest and meanest?

Martin explains the American sickness with guns is so deeply embedded in our psyche that many of us don’t even want to acknowledge that it’s there. Do you believe there a sickness running rampant in America resulting from our unhealthy obsession with guns and violence?

Food for thought: America always proclaims it’s military strength, but China can bring us to our knees with a pen by calling in debt that they own. So who is strongest and the baddest? The one with the biggest military or the one who owns us financially?

All that and more in this edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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  • Roland Martin asks Is Gun Violence in America a Sickness?

    This is a profound question that requires a profound analysis and response. I rarely watch television. I rarely listen to live radio. I love this show because of the
    interviews and debates for speech analysis only. I only listen to archived
    episodes. I don’t believe majority of the stories have anything to do with me
    because I don’t choose to acknowledge majority of the topics as significant to
    my life. I don’t watch sports. I don’t listen to gospel or go to church. I don’t
    vote because I know this political system was never meant to include everyone
    in the world. Trying to force a hammer to screw a screw never works. American
    politics are the wrong tool for the wrong job. However, I do want to
    participate in the conversation. This reply is in lieu of calling
    into the show.

    Thank you Roland Martin and team for giving me a reason to tune into the news again. I LISTEN (not watch) to this show, plus 9 others that I won’t name at the moment. Please consider my perspective as participatory in the conversation of Gun Violence. The following note illustrates how gun violence is perpetuated by American Christianity, also known as White privilege or Mind Control. American Christianity and White privilege (from now on referred to as Mind Control) is a system.


    Let’s define sickness. Sickness is an ambiguous term. So lets specifically talk about the sickness that leads to gun violence. That sickness is delusion. According to delusion
    is defined as a false belief that is firmly maintained in spite of incontrovertible and obvious proof to the contrary and in spite of the fact that other members of the culture do not share the belief. Some people in American culture believe in Jesus Christ and his birth on December 25th. Some people in American culture don’t believe that.

    Delusion is founded in belief.

    Moses, the fictional character from the Bible allegories, has never been proven to archaeologically exist. Is it delusional for people to believe in any of the people of his family lineage? DNA tests provide irrefutable proof of origin. DNA typing
    is typically quite accurate when used to tell whether an unknown sample matches
    another sample that has already been identified. Are there people who can show DNA and RNA evidence proving their relation to Moses? No one can.

    In Egypt today, visitors to Mount Sinai are sometimes shown a bush by tour guides and told it is the actual bush that burned before Moses. But
    archaeologists who have worked here have never turned up evidence to support
    the account in the Bible, and there is only one archaeological find that even
    suggests the Jews were ever in Egypt.

    Famous people from Moses’ family tree include Jesus the Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Joseph, and many more. Based on that premise, is it delusional to believe in Jesus Christ? Is it a false belief that is firmly maintained in spite of incontrovertible and obvious proof to the contrary? Is it delusional to believe in the Prophet Mohammed? Is it delusional to believe anything in the Torah, Bible, or Quran? This is not an attack on religion. This is an objective root-cause analysis of gun violence.

    What causes delusion? Delusion has the following causes:
    – Genetic: passed down from parents to children
    – Biologic: abnormalities in the brain
    – Environmental: stress
    – Psychological: mental triggers

    The most effective cause of delusion is psychology. In order for someone to effect someone else’s psychology, they need to use hypnosis–Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP). One NLP mechanism is an anchor. Anchors are
    stimuli that call forth states of mind – thoughts and emotions.

    For example, touching a knuckle of the left hand could be an anchor. Some
    anchors are involuntary. So the smell of bread may take you back to your
    childhood. A tune may remind you of a certain person. A touch can bring back
    memories and the past states. These anchors work automatically and you may not
    be aware of the triggers.

    Anchoring is reminiscent of Pavlov’s experiments with dogs.
    Pavlov sounded a bell as the animal was given food. The animals salivated when
    they saw the food. After some parings of the bell and the food, the bell alone
    elicited salivation.

    Black Christian church hymns and prayers and memories are anchors for the feelings of hope and relief from stress. When we hear “Jesus loves me this I know,” it’s instinctive for everyone to respond with “because the bible tells me so.” That
    anchor is used to trigger a predictable response just like Pavlov’s dog.

    NLP is Mind Control. Why would anyone want to control the mind of the masses? The short answer is power. Fear is used to gain power. Some of the uninitiated people in the world are motivated by the fears of death, defeat, loss of loved ones, poverty, old age, criticism, and sickness. Fear is the easiest way to control a person without physical coercion. That is why mainstream media has such a profound effect on society. They use fear to control the masses. Individuals tend to modify their behavior to avoid experiencing what they fear the most. When supporters of white privilege play into those basic fears, they gain control of behaviors.

    You don’t have to be scared anymore. Fear is extinguished by knowledge.

    To elicit the process for relinquishing fears, let’s use death as an example. Death is a scary idea. For less mature minds, the idea that there is no life after the
    grave is daunting. More mature minds know that nothing in existence “dies.”
    Everything consists of various formations of hydrogen atoms. Air is a formation of hydrogen atoms. Our skin is a formation of hydrogen atoms. Our thoughts are microorganisms that are bond-able between humans via formations of hydrogen atoms. When our final breathe escapes our bodies, our hydrogen atoms decompose and recompose as another tangible object on earth. And
    since those hydrogen atoms contain your DNA, we are eternal. Matter is not
    created nor destroyed; it changes shape.

    When a kid believes in Santa Claus wearing a red suit, flying through the air on reindeer, and giving kids gifts all around the world in a single night, the shared
    thought/idea of Santa Claus makes him “real.” The shared perception of Santa
    Claus is deceptively anchored in our children before they’re seven years old,
    just like Jesus Christ, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, etc. It’s these
    early formative years where the mind control takes place.

    White privilege is Mind control. Mind control is used to maintain the status-quo and balances of world power. Mind control (also known as brainwashing, reeducation, brain-sweeping, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform) is a theory that human subjects can be indoctrinated in a way that causes “an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations.

    Are we too stupid to avoid being controlled mentally? The answer is no. However, the probabilities of being indoctrinated into the white privilege mind state are
    high when parents inadvertently influence their children under their own mind
    controlled states. Dr. Akhter Ahsen, the leading theoretician of Eidetic Image Psychology has discovered that there are six key ways that a parent’s personality shapes his child’s.

    1. Imitation: Children imitate their parents.

    2. Identification: Identification is more fundamental than imitation.

    3. Reaction: Reaction is a behavior directly opposite to parent’s behavior.

    4. Loss: When a young child is denied basic biological needs such as close bonding with their mother, lack of fathering, neglect, too rigid or too lenient discipline, or a myriad of other losses while growing up, they will suffer feelings of inner emptiness.

    5. Projection: Projection occurs when one’s own inaccurate subjective thoughts are attributed to other people. When the media or movies show the world that blonde hair and blue eyes are the benchmarks for beauty and success, those that don’t share those physical attributes believe they are ugly and unsuccessful. This psychological anchor is placed in the minds of anyone that tunes into mainstream media or movies. This is the cause of White Privilege. White privilege is nothing more than a shared belief like Santa Claus or Jesus Christ. If we remove those
    anchors by rejecting mainstream media and movies, we will be psychologically set free from White privilege.

    6. Attachment: Attachment is dependent behavior that is biologically necessary for a baby or a small child. Once we grow up, dependency is unhealthy in development. Postmature attachment to the heavenly father results in a lack of self-reliance and causes adults to become insecure and incapable of trusting their own inner resources (God) to handle life. Disney movies are imitated by the children that look like the characters because they identify with them. When your heavenly father
    communicates to you to not steal, lie, or cheat, some react by rebelling and
    doing the opposite. Christianity teaches that our heavenly father stands for
    plagiarized virtues created by Ancient Kamitic priests-politicians-professors-philosophers. These virtues were perverted by being associated with a fictional character. To rebel against your heavenly father, is to rebel against virtue and the laws of correspondence. Therefore, Christianity leads to crime. Society fails to address these fundamental truths of the human psyche leading to feelings of no identity or personal values.

    Why do so many “black leaders” promote Christianity? They do so because they themselves are victims of the same NLP program. Generation after generation is controlled.

    When delusion has seeped into the small spaces of our subconscious, we start to behave irrationally. Irrational people do irrational things. Naïve people do naïve things. When people become irrational and naïve, they have more probability to committing a heinous act like shooting people at work for disagreeing with their family’s version of Mind Control or White Privilege or religion.

    People should believe what they want not what others want them to believe.

    I agree that gun violence in America is caused by sickness. The root-cause of that
    sickness is not being aware that God is the tiny collection of trillions of
    cells that comprise your human body/experience. The spirit of God is everywhere at once and not ONLY personified as blonde hair and blue eyes or has a birth day, but also as the smile in the Asian lady that does your nails. God is in each and everyone of us so we should treat each other as such. Treating others as you would like to be treated is ultimately the best way to worship God or OURSELF.

    Let’s start knowing OURSELF!

    When I snap my fingers, you will wake up. (THE SERIES)


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