NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Grand Jury In Tamir Rice Case DID NOT Vote On Charges


Grand Jury In Tamir Rice Case DID NOT Vote On Charges

The grand jury in the Tamir Rice police shooting case did not vote on charges against the officers involved in the death of Rice.

Rice family attorney, Walter Madison discussed the latest bombshell revelation with Roland Martin on TV One’s NewsOne Now.

Lawsuits Filed In Flint Water Crisis, Gov. Rick Snyder Apologizes, Promises To Fix Disaster

Flint Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver spoke out about the water crisis in her city during Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now saying, “Politics and profit were put over the lives of people.”

Weaver also explained that all of the water pipes in the city will need to be replaced saying, “This is an infrastructure crisis of the city, we’ve ruined our pipes using this corrosive water and it’s a public health crisis for the city of Flint.”

#OscarsSoWhite By The Numbers: Breaking Down The Bunche Center’s Study Of Academy Award Diversity

Dr. Darnell Hunt, Director of the Bunche Center at UCLA, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Nowto discuss Hollywood’s diversity numbers behind the Academy Awards and the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

The Bunche Center at UCLA releases an annual diversity report through a series of quantifiable statistics showing where the entertainment industry falls short in inclusion and representation.




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