NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: The New Deal, Ferguson Reaches An Agreement With The DOJ


The New Deal: Ferguson Reaches An Agreement With The Department of Justice

The Department of Justice and the city of Ferguson have reached a tentative deal that will prevent legal action against the city and give the police department a much needed face lift by restructuring various policies.

The agreement comes 10 months after the DOJ wrapped up its investigation into the city’s racially prejudiced policing following the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Although the proposed changes still need to be ratified by the city council, the terms are clear.

New ethics training for police, emphasizing strategies to prevent use of excessive force. Police will also be required to recruit a more diverse officer rank. This is huge considering that the department is mostly white despite 70 percent of the city’s population being black. Also patrol officers, supervisors and jail workers will be required to wear body cameras and microphones.

ACLU Of Michigan And Natural Resources Defense Council Sue Flint, Demand Lead Pipes Be Replaced At No Cost To Residents

Advocates including the ACLU of Michigan and the Natural Resources Defense Council  are suing Flint Over Poisoned Drinking Water – Suit Demands that lead pipes in the city be replaced at no cost to residents. Meanwhile, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Flint Mayor Karen Weaver held a news conference today where the governor announced the poisonous pipes won’t be replaced.

Author and Christian activist Jim Wallis joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his new book, America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege and the Bridge to a New America.

Wallis told Martin that original sin is not just slavery, but the “deliberate dehumanizing and debasing” of African-Americans and the attitude that “Black lives and bodies don’t matter.”

Wallis added, “That was one of our founding principles as a nation, that Black lives and Black bodies don’t matter; you see that in all our headlines today. This original sin lingers on, that’s why we got to call it sin and talk about repentance from sin.”

Wallis also explained that, “slavery never ended, it just evolved,” saying that “mass incarceration is the current evolution of slavery.”  He also noted that the “deliberate disenfranchisement” of prisoners, gerrymandering, and other forms of voter suppression are tactics used to keep certain “demographics from changing America.”


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