NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Cosby Legal Saga, Judge Greg Mathis Likens Flint Water Crisis To Terrorist Attack



Cosby Legal Saga Continues

The former district attorney who declined to bring sex-crime charges against Bill Cosby a decade ago testified Tuesday that he did not pursue criminal charges against the comedian because of “credibility” issues with Cosby’s accuser Andrea Constand. This latest development could close the door on prosecuting Cosby forever.

Judge Greg Mathis On Flint Water Crisis 

TV Judge Greg Mathis believes if the emails circulated between members of Gov. Snyder’s administration about lead levels in the City of Flint, Michigan’s water indicate that someone “either fraudulently or misrepresented the facts that they knew to be untrue … then yes, it is criminal.”

Mathis went so far as to liken the poisoning of Flint to a terrorist attack, saying, “Everyday our Homeland Security — their biggest fear and preparation is for terrorists poisoning the water. The Secretary of Defense talks nervously about that — well in this instance, our government has poisoned the water and it’s causing permanent damage.”

Congressional Hearing on the Flint Water Crisis

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton joined NewsOne Now guest host Jeff Johnson in studio to discuss the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Hearing on the Flint Water Crisis.

Home Schooling Success

Taylora Gary and her son Chancellor Gary from the Lifetime series “Child Genius: Battle of the Brightest” discuss how home schooling is leading to exceptional results.

Wildin’ Out Wednesday With Luenell

It’s Wilidn’ Out Wednesday on NewsOneNow and Comedian/Actress Luenell is in the house and ready to bring it.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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