NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Clinton Wins Nevada, Sanders’ Neglect Of Black Media, Trump Says He Has Black Voter Support, & More


NewsOne Now Nevada Caucus And South Carolina Primary Recap

Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel recapped the Nevada Democratic Cause results and the Republican South Carolina Primary results where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won their respective races.

Will Bernie Sanders’ Disregard Of Black Media Hurt His Campaign?

Bernie Sanders and his campaign have neglected to appear on or talk with major Black media outlets. Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss if their decision to ignore Black media harm their chances to capture the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I’m Going To Do Great With The African-Americans:” Trump Says He Has Black Voter Support

During an recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proclaimed he will “do great with the African-Americans” despite using inflammatory rhetoric and offering no specific plan to address issues important to the Black community.

Will Bernie Sanders’ Education Plan Destroy HBCUs?

Congressman James Clyburn joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ education plan and the impact in could have on HBCUs.

Fit!Live!Win!: Dr. Ian Smith’s Shred Power Cleanse

Dr. Ian Smith joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to answer viewers questions about weight loss, exercise and his new Shred Power Cleanse.

Journee Smolett And Aldis Hodge Dish On WGN America’s New Series “Underground”

Journee Smolette and Aldis Hodge spoke with Roland Martin  about WGN America’s new series, “Underground” executive-produced by John Legend.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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