NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: DOJ Files Suit Against Ferguson, Are Blacks Feeling The Bern, Cleveland Sends Medical Bills To Tamir Rice’s Estate


Department Of Justice Files A Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Ferguson 

The Justice Department filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Ferguson after the City Council voted to revise their agreement.

Brittany Packnett form Campaign Zero joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the lawsuit and the City Council vote that forced the DOJ to act.

Bernie Sanders Seeks The Black Vote, But Are African Americans Feeling The Bern?

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner joined Roland Martin on  NewsOne Now to discuss the Sanders campaign and issues that Sen. Sanders has addressed that align with the issues that are important to the African American community.

Cleveland Wants Tamir Rice’s Estate To Pay Ambulance And Life Support Bills 

Cleveland has sent a bill to the estate of Tamir Rice for the ambulance ride and medical services he received after being shot by Officer Timothy Loehmann.

Worth the Wait Guy

32-Year-Old virgin, JimDre Westbrook from Las Vegas joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his vow to wait until marriage to have engage in sex and the multi-city tour he is currently on giving young people real world advice on how to live at your own pace to achieve your dreams.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned: Video has surfaced of an unidentified woman crashing her car into her boyfriend’s car after finding out he was cheating. The jilted lover crash-n-derby resulted in the woman inflicting more damage to her own vehicle than her unfaithful beau’s.

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