NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Killer Mike’s Uterus Remarks, Beyonce & Kendrick Lamar Using Their Platforms To Make Statements On Social Justice


Rapper Killer Mike sparked a major controversy after quoting Jane Elliott, an anti-racism activist and feminist who said, “A uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president of the United States. You have to have policy that’s reflective of social justice.”

Mike made the polarizing comments during a Bernie Sanders rally at Morehouse College in Georgia and shortly after, the sound bite began to circulate on social media and the firestorm began. Many believe the rapper’s comments were taken out of context, while others are calling him sexist.

Sen. Chuck Schumer On Republican Efforts To Block President Obama From Nominating A Replacement To Fill Justice Scalia’s Supreme Court Position

Senator Church Shumer spoke with Roland Martin from the sight of Rainbow PUSH’s annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit and discussed Republican efforts to keep Pres. Obama from nominating anyone to the Supreme Court during his final year in office.

Hillary Clinton Talks To Civil Rights Leaders

Marc Morial, President/CEO of the National Urban League and Kristen Clarke, President of the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Civil Rights leaders. Morial and Clarke also weighed in on the battle over Justice Antonin Scalia’s vacant Supreme Court seat and if President Barack Obama should nominate a  Black woman to the High Court.

Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar captured headlines for their recent performances at Super Bowl 50 andat this year’s Grammys, where they made powerful statements on issues related to the fight for social justice in America.

Both of their performances have resulted in social media erupting in a debate over the consciousness of popular entertainers using their platforms to address critical issues that impact the African-American community.

Kelly Carter, Senior Writer for ESPN’s Undefeated and Amish Baraka, Founder of joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar using bright lights and big stages to speak to Black issues.

Rev. Jackson Talks About This Year’s Wall Street Project Economic Summit & More

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. spoke with  Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about this years Wall Street Project Economic Summit, minority access to capital, economic opportunities for people of color, the 2016 presidential race and the Flint water crisis.

Actor Columbus Short is back on the small screen with the premiere of TV One’s original movie Definitely Divorcing. The romantic comedy, which premieres Saturday, February 20th at 8PM ET on TV One, follows the lives of co-workers who are all questioning their marriages and if they should divorce their spouses.

Short recently sat down with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the film, new music, and his resurgent acting career thanks, in part, to Ms. Cathy Hughes and TV One. He said, “If it wasn’t for TV One, no one would have seen me on TV, at all, the last two years.” Short also credited the network for giving him the opportunity to send his son to private school to receive the “best education.”


talks about this year’s Wall Street Project Economic Summit, minority access to capital, economic opportunities, 2016 presidential race, #FlintWaterCrisis & More

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