NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: New Report Puts Hollywood’s “Color Problem” On Blast, Apple Vs. FBI, Farrakhan Says FOI Will Protect Beyoncé If Cops Won’t


New Study Reveals Hollywood’s Diversity Problem Is At “Epidemic” Levels

The Comprehensive Annenberg Report on Diversity in Entertainment comes out of the University of Southern California and displays concrete evidence about the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

The organization’s report reveals Hollywood’s diversity problem is at “epidemic” levels and characterizes the lack of color in the industry as an “inclusion crisis.”

According to the report, “The analysis found that only 28.3% of all speaking characters across 414 films, television and digital episodes in 2014-15 were from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups. This is 9.6% below the U.S. population norm of 37.9%. One-third (33.5%) of speaking characters were female. Behind the camera, a mere 15.2% of all directors and 28.9% of writers across film and every episode of television and digital series were female. Less than one-quarter (22.6%) of series creators were women across broadcast, cable and streaming content.”

On Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin; NPR TV Critic, Eric Deggans; Associate Editor at The Root, Danielle Belton; and Managing Editor at, April Reign discussed the abysmal diversity numbers in Hollywood.

Apple Vs The FBI: Is The Battle Over A Terrorist’s #iPhone About Privacy Or Security?

Should Apple help the FBI unlock a terrorist’s phone? What are the implications for privacy and civil liberties? A new survey from the Pew Research Center shows 51% of Americans say Apple should assist the FBI.

Min. Louis Farrakhan: If Police Don’t Provide Beyonce Protection, The Nation of Islam Will

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police has called for a boycott of Beyonce in protest of her Formation performance at Super Bowl 50.

In response to the cops threatening to boycott the superstar, Min. Louis Farrakhan vowed to use the resources of the Nation of Islam to protect her if police officers don’t.

Over the past year or so, professional and college athletes alike have come out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This activism can be traced back to when Malcolm X pushed Muhammad Ali to change the way Black athletes engaged in civil rights politics. Their friendship was short-lived, powerful, and complex.


Randy Roberts, author of Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to share some of his findings and thoughts about the friendship of two of the “largest profiled Black men in American history:” 

A 106-Year-Old Woman Meets The Obamas And Dances For Joy.

106-year-old Virginia McLaurin fulfilled her dream of meeting President Barack Obama and and danced for joy upon meeting the President and First Lady Michelle Obama.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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