NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Why Won’t GOP Presidential Candidates Challenge Trump, Ben Carson Says POTUS Was “Raised White” & More


Donald Trump Wins Nevada Caucus, Will He Runaway With The GOP Presidential Nomination?

Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss Donald Trump winning the Nevada Caucuses.

Should Republican presidential candidates have attacked Trump before he started to runaway with GOP nomination for president?

President Obama Announces Plan To Close Guantanamo Bay

Pres. Barack Obama announces plans to close Gitmo, Republicans want to keep it open. The facility currently  holds almost 100 detainees and costs nearly $450M a year to operate

Congressman Gregory Meeks joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss President Obama’s plan to close Guantanamo Bay and Republican opposition to the facility being shut down.

Republicans Won’t Meet With Any Supreme Court Nominee

Senate Republican leaders have issued a letter proclaiming they will not meet with anyone that President Obama nominates for the vacant Supreme Court Justice seat.

‪Ben Carson‬ Criticizes Pres. Barack Obama’s Upbringing, Says He Was “Raised White.” 

During Politico’s Glenn Thrush “Off Message” podcast, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said President Barack Obama was “raised white.”

Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discussed Carson’s comments and alleging Mr. Obama does not identify with the Black experience in America.

El DeBarge Talks New Music, Overcoming Substance Abuse

Roland Martin recently sat down with El DeBarge to talk about his latest music project and remaining sober after battling with substance abuse.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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