Roland Martin: Donald Trump Appeals to ‘Low Knowledge Voters’


Roland Martin delivers an impassioned commentary about the current presidential race including Bernie Sanders‘ last-minute appeal  to the black community and Donald Trump‘s interesting relationship with the Republican party.


  • Sheba7

    Amazing the way that even educated people deeply dug into partisan trenches will try and insult those that don’t agree with them. Critical Thinking 101.

    Roland Martin instead f presenting yourself as an unbiased journalist, why don’t you just label yourself as The Democratic party waterbearer, load-carrier, etc.? You and so many other Black journalists have FAILED to cover the true aspect of the Black community during the presidency of Barack Obama!!

    So, very tired of people like you and so many others who are actually doing our black community a lot of harm by keeping them in the trenches instead of lifting people up with solid information to empower us all.