Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: #FlintWaterCrisis Congressional Hearing


In this edition of The Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast, Martin airs portions of the Congressional hearing addressing with the Flint water crisis.

Black History Moment: Listen to interviews of former slaves recorded in the early 1940’s. The first interview you will her was conducted in Hempstead, TX in 1941 with Mrs. Laura Smalley. The interview was conducted by Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Faulk.  The interview was part of the Library of Congress’ American Memory Collection, Voices from the Days of Slavery: Former Slaves Tell Their Stories.

Listen to a debate between author James Baldwin and Malcolm X which took place April 28th, 1961. Baldwin and Malcolm X discussed racism in America and the student sit-in movement.

All that and more in this edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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