Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: Stay At Home Dads? Bring Home The Bacon Moms? Folks Need To Stop Trippin’ On Your Family Dynamic


Why do some men and women have such a difficult time dealing with traditional and non-traditional roles in a relationship/marriage? If a woman’s earning power is greater than her husband’s, is it wrong for the man to stay home and raise the children?

In this edition of The Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast, Martin discusses how the traditional roles of men and women can be altered in  a marriage/relationship and there be no drama in the home because everyone understands their ultimate responsibility to their family.

Many Republicans believe President Barack Obama should not nominate anyone to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s vacant Supreme Court seat. Former RNC Chair Michael Steele joins today’s conversation and puts his party on blast for their initial reaction to Justice Scalia’s passing and for trying to persuade Pres. Obama to not fill the vacant Supreme Court seat.

Plus, is it time for Mr. Obama to nominate an African American woman to the High Court?

All that and more in this edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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