Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: DOJ Sues Ferguson, CBC PAC Endorses Clinton, Sanders Gets Black Support & More


In this edition of The Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: The Department of Justice sues the City of Ferguson for reversing course on their agreement to overhaul their criminal justice system, addressing allegations of police misconduct and dealing with racist practices.

Martin airs portions of Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s news conference announcing the lawsuit being filed against Ferguson.

To review the Dept. Of Justice lawsuit against the city of Ferguson visit

The CBC Political Action Committee announces their endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Listen to a portions of CBC Political Action Committee’s press conference announcing their endorsement.

Civil rights activist/actor Harry Belafonte has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders. Part of Belafonte’s letter endorsing Sanders reads:

“I would suggest to those of you who have not yet made up your minds to maybe consider and reconsider what it is that Bernie Sanders offers. He offers us a chance to declare unequivocally that there is a group of citizens who have a deep caring for where are nation goes and what it does in the process of going.”

To watch the video of Mr. Belafonte’s endorsement visit Bernie Sanders’ YouTube channel.

Roland Martin also takes listeners calls and listens to their reactions to the CBCCBC Political Action Committee’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

8 out of those who called were African American women who voiced their support of Hillary Clinton. Do you think Sen. Sanders made a mistake in ignoring Black media for the last five months?

All that and more in this edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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