NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Class Action Suit Filed In #FlintWaterCrisis, Sanders “Ghetto” Gaffe, Lawsuit Claims Confederate X On Mississippi’s Flag Promotes Hostility


On Monday, seven families who have been poisoned by lead as a result of the Flint Water Crisis filed a class action lawsuit that could include up to 8,000 young people. The group cites federal environmental laws and is seeking a class action status for what they call wide-reaching negligence.

The lawsuit takes aim at city and state officials responsible for the city’s water crisis, claiming they were dishonest about the condition of the water residents consumed and used for bathing.

Attorney Hunter Shkolnik spoke with NewsOne Now guest host Dr. Wilmer Leon about the looming class action status lawsuit filed under the Safe Water and Lead-Free Water Acts.

Will Bernie Sanders’ Response To Racial Blind Spots Cost Him The Black Vote

Bernie Sanders response to a question about racial blind spots has landed him in hot water for remarks about the ghetto and what “White people don’t understand.”

Will Sanders’ comments cost him Black votes? Dr. Wilmer Leon and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the apparent fallout over Sanders’ remarks.

The ongoing Confederate flag controversy has made its way to the courts of Mississippi, where Attorney Carlos Moore has filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Phil Bryant to strip the Mississippi flag of the Confederate symbol.

The suit claims the flag promotes hostility and acts of violence against people of color and therefore violates the “Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses” of the 14th Amendment.

Pastor Jamal Bryant, Moore, and other leaders were scheduled to hold a rally on the steps of the State Capitol to add pressure on Gov. Bryant and the state of Mississippi to take the flag down.

Attorney Moore joined guest host Dr. Wilmer Leon on NewsOne Now to discuss his lawsuit and the ongoing fight to remove Confederate symbolism from the viewpoint of our nation’s citizens.

Piney Woods School To Launch Coding And Robotics Program

Will Crossley, the president of Piney Woods talked with Attorney Laura Coates about the schools plan to institute a coding and robotics program aimed at preparing our youth for the future.

Amber Stevens West Dishes On The Carmichael Show

Actress Amber Stevens West spoke with NewsOne Now guest host Dr. Wilmer Leon about season 2 of The Carmichael show.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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