NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Pres. Obama Nominates Merrick Garland To SCOTUS, Did POTUS Miss An Opportunity As A Result?


President Barack Obama Nominates Merrick Garland To The Supreme Court

President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit  for the Supreme Court. Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss who is Merrick Garland, why was he chosen and where does Judge Garland stand on issues important to African Americans.

Did Pres. Obama Miss An Opportunity By Nominating Merrick Garland?

Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss if President Barack Obama missed and opportunity to make an historic appointment by nominating Merrick Garland and not a Black woman to the Supreme Court.

Valerie Jarrett, the Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss his decision to nominate Judge Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court.

Jarrett explained to Martin that Garland was the best choice to fill the vacant Supreme Court Justice seat because there is “nobody on the Federal bench with more experience, depth of experience than Chief Judge Garland.”

Jarrett explained that Merrick has been on the Federal Circuit Court bench for 19 years and has been the Chief Judge there for the last three years.

She continued to detail Judge Garland’s qualifications as a “consensus builder” who would have “immediate respect of his peers.” Jarrett also said Garland is “a person who understands the purpose of the Supreme Court, abides by the rule of law.” 

Martin asked why Garland’s experience made such a difference in nominating him to the High Court, because President Obama’s last Supreme Court pick, Elena Kagan, “had none.”

Jarrett said, “The President felt that at this moment in time, given the Republican obstructionism that we’re seeing, it was important to have a candidate who by any possible metric is unassailable.” 

Martin, who has been adamant about President Obama nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court, asked Jarrett why a Black woman was not nominated and reminded Jarrett of the support Mr. Obama has received from African-American women over the course of his tenure as president.

Prior to Jarrett’s response, Martin also expressed the disappointment many Black woman feel, saying, “This was an opportunity to make a historic appointment to the Supreme Court that also could’ve been even more legacy defining for President Barack Obama.”

Martin then asked, “What do you say to Black women who say they are extremely disappointed when they have had the President’s back in those very difficult times when he’s been attacked by many people?”

Jarrett said Obama thinks diversity is “important” for the court, “not because it is something that he owes politically, but because he believes diversity is a strength and we make better decisions when we have diversity. And that’s not just on the Court, that’s in his administration, it’s in his cabinet.”

Hillary Clinton is catching a lot of heat for comments she made about Sen. Bernie Sanders and health care during a recent speech.

“Where was he when I was trying to get health care in ’93 and ’94?” the presidential hopeful said at a campaign event in St. Louis, Missouri.

Clinton’s claims that she does not remember Sanders being a part of her health care effort in the ’90s has been rebuked by a video showing the Senator from Vermont was closer than the former Secretary of State recollects.

The video, dated December 7th, 1993, shows Clinton talking about her health care reform efforts and thanking Sen. Sanders for joining her, all while Sanders is standing right behind her.

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