NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Super Tuesday Recap, Speaker Ryan Calls Out Trump For KKK, Will The FCC “Unlock The Box” Plan Hurt Black Networks?


NewsOne Now Super Tuesday Primary Election Recap

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton win big on Super Tuesday. Where does that leave the other 2016 presidential candidates, are they ready to drop out or are they going to keep pressing on.

Will The FCC’s Plan To Unlock Set-Top Boxes Hurt Black Networks?

In an attempt to introduce innovation and competition into the cable/satellite set-top box industry, the FCC has proposed opening up cable boxes to third parties to lower costs and make it easier for cable/satellite subscribers to access online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

On Wednesday, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and Alfred Liggins, President/CEO of Radio One, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the FCC’s “unlock the box” proposal and how this plan could harm Black-owned cable networks.

Roland Martin, Barbara Arnwine Founding President of the Transformative Justice Coalition; Lauren Victoria Burke, Managing Editor of; Randa Fahmy, Former Bush Administration Associate Deputy Secretary of Energy; and Republican Political Consultant Shermichael Singleton discuss Super Tuesday primary election results on NewsOne Now.

University Of Phoenix’s New Documentary “Saving Tomorrow, Today” Examines  The Curriculum Of New America

The University of Phoenix, who is sponsoring this segment, and TV One have teamed up to bring you a documentary that explores innovative ways to improve K-through-12 education for black students.

That includes looking at overly aggressive discipline, increasing the numbers of black teachers and using technology and popular culture to reach and teach students.

Byron Jones, CFO of the University of Phoenix, Gabriel Asheru Benn, founder of H.E.L.P (Hip-Hop Educational Literacy Program) and Charles H.F. Davis III, Director of Higher Education Research and Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the University of Phoenix’s new documentary, Saving Tomorrow, Today.


Raymond Lambert Discusses His New Book, “All Jokes Aside”

Raymond Lambert and comedian Tony Woods stopped by NewsOne Now for this week’s installment of Wildin’ Out Wednesday. Lambert discussed his new book, All Jokes Aside: Standup Comedy Is a Phunny Business and his documentary Phunny Business: A Black Comedy.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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