Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast: Democracy Awakening Protests, Why Are Black Folks Tripping On BuzzFeed’s Videos + Donald Trump’s Problem With White Women


In this edition of The Roland Martin Show Audio Podcast, we’ll bring you coverage from the Democracy Awakening protests taking place in Washington D.C. and talk with legendary comedian / activist Dick Gregory. Plus, Mark Thompson reports from the scene of Monday’s protest action.

You’ll also hear remarks from Rev. William Barber, founder of Moral Mondays in North Carolina address protesters during Sunday’s Democracy Spring demonstration.

Why are Black Folks Tripping Over BuzzFeed’s Videos?

BuzzFeed has produced a series of videos questioning White’s, Asians, men, women and other demographic groups which African Americans found hilarious. Now that the creative folks at BuzzFeed have released their 27 Questions Black People Have For Black People, a number of Blacks are suddenly offended.

Listen to a series of questions for Black people from some of BuzzFeed’s videos questioning Blacks and let Roland know if you actually find them to be offensive.

Donald Tump’s Problem With Conservative Suburban White Women

During Sunday’s broadcast of This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Roland said, “Donald Trump  has a conservative suburban white woman problem.”

Plus, listen to former ‘Apprentice’ contestants Randal Pinkett, Marshawn Evans and Kwame Jackson condemn the candidacy of Trump during Monday’s edition  NewsOne Now.

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All that and more in this edition of “The Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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