NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Reworked Criminal Justice Reform Bill Introduced, Green For All Tackles #FlintWaterCrisis, “The Real MVP” Biopic


Senators Introduce Reworked Criminal Justice Reform Bill, But Does It Go Far Enough?

The effort to overhaul the criminal justice system has received a major boost from a group of senators on both sides of the aisle.

On Thursday, Republicans and Democrats announced the details of a reworked criminal justice reform bill that previously stalled last November. Some of the legislation remains unchanged, such as giving judges the discretion to give lesser sentences than the present federal mandatory minimums. Mandatory life-sentences would be eliminated for three-time, nonviolent drug offenders. The bill would also create programs to help prisoners successfully re-enter society.

Other portions of the bill were modified to address opponents’ concerns. A couple of the changes include establishing stronger sentences for offenses involving the opioid drug fentanyl, and violent felons would not qualify for retroactive sentence reductions.

Jessica Jackson Sloan, co-founder of #Cut50 and a Human Rights Attorney, joined guest host Van Jones onNewsOne Now to discuss the revised criminal justice reform bill.

John Boehner Rips Ted Cruz, Calls Him “Lucifer In The Flesh”

Former House Speaker John Boehner is no fan of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Boehner blasted Cruz during a forum at Stanford University in California Wednesday night, likening him to the devil.

Audio recorded at the event captured the former Speaker of the House answering a question about Cruz, calling the GOP presidential hopeful “Lucifer in the flesh.” Boehner also said:

“But I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b**** in my life.”

Green For All Movement Calls Upon Those Responsible For The #FlintWaterCrisis To Pay For What They Broke

The fight for clean water in Flint is far from over.

A grassroots organization called Green For All is leading an effort to bring clean water to the poisoned city, hold government officials in Michigan accountable for their involvement in the water crisis, and is pushing back against environmental racism.

They are also demanding that polluters pay monetarily for the damage they inflicted on the environment.

Green For All‘s goal “is to make sure people of color have a place and a voice in the climate movement. That our neighborhoods are strong, resilient, and healthy. That as the clean energy economy grows, it brings jobs and opportunity to our communities.”

Vien Truong, National Director of Green For All, spoke with guest host Van Jones on NewsOne Now about the Polluters Pay campaign and the struggle to bring clean drinking water to the City of Flint during Friday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

Lifetime’s “The Real MVP” Chronicles The Life Of “Mama Durant”

Wanda Pratt, mother of NBA superstar Kevin Durant joined guest host Van Jones on NewsOne Now to talk about the Lifetime biopic which chronicles her life’s story.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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