NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Historic Houston Flooding, Rep. Edwards Responds To Attack Ads, Ex-NYPD Officer Won’t Serve Time Behind Bars For Death Of Akai Gurley


Several counties in Houston, Texas remain under a state of emergency and rescue efforts continue as residents scramble to escape rising floodwaters.

Some areas in Houston were pounded with over seventeen inches of rain in just twenty-four hours, which is more rain than Salt Lake City gets in an entire year.

So far, the flooding has caused several deaths, resulted in over 1,200 high water rescues, 1,000 homes were flooded, and there have been $5 billion in damages. Unfortunately, meteorologists predict more rain on Wednesday.

Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the conditions on the ground and the latest developments in the deadly historic Houston flooding.

Rep. Donna Edwards Responds To Attack Ads Amid Run For Senate

Donna Edwards, a U.S. Representative from Maryland, is fighting to make history. She hopes to become the first African-American senator from Maryland and only the tenth Black senator in American history.

Rep Edwards is currently locked in a heated battle with Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollenin one of the tightest political contests we’ve seen. Polls have them running neck-and-neck, and in an effort to move ahead, Rep. Van Hollen has distributed an interesting series of attack ads aimed at discrediting Edwards.

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) spoke with Roland Martin about her campaign to become the first African-American senator from Maryland, her opponent’s disparaging tactics, and the lack of support she has received from the CBC PAC.

Ex-NYPD Officer Peter Liang Will Not Serve Time Behind Bars For The Killing Of Akai Gurley

A Brooklyn judge on Tuesday reduced ex-New York Police Department officer Peter Liang‘s conviction in the death of Akai Gurley. As a result Liang will not serve time behind bars for Gurley’s murder.

Cedric The Entertainer Discusses The Dangers Of Diabetic Nerve Pain

NewsOne Now guest host Dr. Wilmer Leon recently spoke with Cedric the Entertainer about the dangers of diabetic Nerve Pain and the Stop On Up initiative aimed at encouraging people living with diabetes who have shooting, burning, pins and needles pain in their feet or hands to be treated.

Wildin Out Wednesday: The Country Edition

Comedians Jamal Dotson, Tashya “Don’t Be Stupid” Tummings and Kelly ‘K-Dubb’ Walker stopped by the NewsOne Now studios for this week’s edition of Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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