NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: The World Mourns Prince, Are Poor Voters Holding Bernie Sanders Back?


The Nation And The World Mourn Prince

The nation continues to mourn the untimely death of Prince Rogers Nelson which has sent sent shockwaves around the world. Since his death celebrities, family, friends and fans are still expressing their sorrow and pain.

The musical icon was found dead in his Paisley Park compound Thursday morning. An autopsy was performed at the Medical Examiner’s office in Ramsey, Minnesota on Friday, where medical officials found no signs of trauma to the singer’s body, and suicide was ruled out. Medical officials say it could take weeks before a cause of death is determined.

During a news conference Friday, the Carver County sheriff declined toconfirm if Prince was taking medication at the time of his death.

Prince’s remains were cremated Saturday, and close family and friends gathered for a private memorial service at his home in Minnesota. Sunday, Prince’s publicist announced his remains will be taken to a final, private resting place.

Over the weekend, there was also a huge national and global response to Prince’s death, and purple reigned supreme on several skylines and popular sites, with buildings and landmarks donning their exteriors with purple lights in Prince’s honor.

Super Tuesday Preview: Bernie Sanders Says Poor People Don’t Vote

The candidates are covering a lot of ground as they try to rack up more delegates during the latest round of Super Polling shows frontrunners, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are leading across all five states.

Primaries will be held in Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Pennsylvania. The biggest delegate prize on the Democratic side is in Pennsylvania, with 189 delegates up for grabs. As of right now, Mrs. Clinton has 1,941 delegates. That’s counting Pledged delegates and Superdelegates.

Senator Bernie Sanders has 1,191. Senator Sanders would have to win every remaining contest by 20 points to catch Secretary Clinton’s delegate lead.

Sanders says income inequality is the reason why he’s so behind Clinton in the primary. Sanders’ policy director says according to the Census Bureau, one in four of those earning less than $10,000 voted in 2014. Also, the turnout was just 12 percent among 18 to 24-year-olds earning less than $30,000.

As for the Republican side, Donald Trump has the most delegates with 845. Senator Ted Cruz has 559, followed by Governor John Kasich with 148.

If Trump wins a majority of the delegates Tuesday, he’d need just a little more than 50-percent of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. But of course there is plenty of opposition on the GOP side.

The Trump – Cruz squabbles have turned off Ultra-Conservative Billionaire Contributor, Charles Koch. He even hinted he may support Hillary Clinton.


Clinton is not impressed with Koch and immediately tweeted quote: Not interested in endorsements from people who deny climate science and try to make it harder for people to vote.

16-Year-Old Girl Dies After A Violent Altercation In A Bathroom

16-year-old Amy Joyner died after a violent altercation in a bathroom at the the Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington.

Lawyer For Family Of Florida Teens Who Drowned After Police Chase Demands Dashcam Video

Three girls – 16-year-old Dominique Battle, 15-year-old Ashaunti Butler, and 15-year-old Laniya Miller – all drowned when the stolen car they were driving plunged into a cemetery’s retention pond in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 31st.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri claims that, according to deputies’ reports, attempts were made to enter the water and save the girls from drowning. However, police dashcam videos captured at the scene contradict police reports and raise questions about the officers’ actions.

Attorney Michele K. Whitfield, who represents the families of Laniya Miller and Dominique Battle, joined guest host Angela Rae on NewsOne Now to discuss the case.

Whitfield questioned the narrative being told by the Sheriff’s office, as well as how the teens acquired the car they drowned in. According to Attorney Whitfield, Sheriff Gualtieri had issued a press release that detailed the three girls’ criminal histories prior to explaining what happened at their time of death.

Going Raw: How Healthy Living & Raw Eating Changed One Woman’s Life After A Cancer Diagnosis

It’s Fit!Live!Win! Monday on NewsOne Now and Rosslyn Rowe, owner of Salon 8227 in Silver Spring, Maryland, joined guest host Angela Rae in-studio to discuss the benefits of living healthy with what is known as a raw vegan diet.

Rowe, who was born and raised in the projects of Southeast Washington, D.C., was diagnosed with cancer after being examined during an annual check-up.

Rowe explained to Rae that as a woman of “great faith,” she did not accept the physician’s diagnosis because she “believes the word of God” and said, “I don’t receive anything that’s not natural for me.”

The business owner chose “alternative medicine” or “Eastern medicine” to combat cancer. Rowe said she went through all of the procedures, had all of the various scans, as well as had a biopsy and went to chemotherapy class, but decided to “choose other” and “took the natural path.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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