NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: New Prosecutors Tapped In Baltimore Cop Trial, What Would A Trump Presidency Look Like?


New Prosecutors Tapped In Baltimore Cop Trial

New developments in the Freddie Gray trials in Baltimore City may have a major impact on the case.

The Baltimore Sun reports a memo was sent to prosecutors notifying them that Lisa Phelps, a veteran assistant State’s Attorney, and Sarah David, who joined the office in 2014, were selected to be part of what is called a “clean team,” in “charge of prosecuting the cases of two officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray who have been compelled to testify against Officer Edward Nero at his trial.”

On Wednesday, Gray family attorney William “Billy” Murphy joined guest host Dr. Wilmer Leon on NewsOne Now to discuss the latest developments in the Gray case.

When asked his thoughts about the “last-minute prosecution team change-up,” Murphy said, “When Porter testifies — if in fact, he testifies — it has to be ascertained that nobody has been exposed to anything which will violate the Fifth Amendment, so that this trial can proceed without being tainted by anything that was said before.”

What Would A Donald Trump Presidency Look Like?

As Donald Trump continues his march towards the Republican National Convention as the presumptive presidential nominee, he’s calling for the GOP to unite behind him and prepare to take on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in November.

As the party tries to rally behind the boisterous presidential candidate, many are now wondering what a Trump presidency would look like. The billionaire businessman’s controversial comments have offended just about every minority group in America and outraged many abroad. 

London’s newly elected Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, blasted Trump for suggesting America should ban all Muslims from entering the country. During a recent interview, Khan said that Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric “plays into the hands of the extremists.”

NewsOne Now guest host Dr. Wilmer Leon asked his panel of guests about the impact of Trump’s rhetoric on a global stage.

Black Students Are Saddled With More Loans Than Whites

Student loan debt is at an all time high — and it’s hitting African-American students the hardest.

According to a study by the Brookings Institution, there are racial debt disparities in low-to-moderate income students. Black students leave college with an average debt of $27,000, while White students incur an average of $20,000.

Student load debt facts:

  • Black students are borrowing at a higher rate than their White counterparts.
  • 81 percent of Black students borrow money for higher education compared to only 63 percent of White students.

Student Loan Expert Heather Jarvis joined guest host Dr. Wilmer Leon on NewsOne Now to discuss the racial disparities in student loan debt and how we can avoid being buried in it.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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